Sunday, November 16, 2008

WANTED : A surprise to the bride

Remember on my previous post, I talked about Leslie's surprise?

But first, must tell a bit story which leads to this surprise.

Leslie has been worried about the wedding games at the bride's house. He wanted to play the bride's party back as well.

And the only part that he can work at is when giving ang pau to open the door/ barrier/ whatever it is. And he thought of putting ALL COINS (rm99.90) into one red packet.

Then it suddenly struck me, why not not her a BIG CHEQUE, like those cheque given out when people won something. Instead of using RM, why not use own currency? can be romantic also ma..

He was excited about it, and that very night, he designed the cheque. And shall I say, its not bad at all! In fact its very very nice. He did more than I expected.

Come and see..

Not bad right?

ROFL, he said want to take photo like going into jail.

I made them take this photo :D . Practice first ma... Lets have a mock cheque presentation first.

Really funny.

Well, now that he's finally married. I wish them both happy forever and quick quick produce add-ons to the family. :D!!

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fel said...

this is funny... hahaha... Good idea ya!