Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy-lah to blog

Jin pai seh (hokkien). lately lazy bo eng to blog.

Everyday sure got something on. Something to occupy my time with.


watching Taiwan Series study my jlpt lvl 3 (WHICH I THINK I WILL FAIL..SIGH..I am doomed)

play pc game ok~~ I study while play..THE GRAMMAR PART so hard..SIGH..

House work

Shopping 'x' ehehe..we girls like to shop mah

I took some photos but don't have the mood to blog about it.

And tomorrow, my buddy Leslie are finally tying the knot. And i will be busy for the whole day tomorrow. It shall be fun! I am joining him as one of his "troop" to the bride's house and we prepared a surprise. Mwhehe..I can't wait!

Maybe i shall post about the surprise and the wedding after tomorrow.

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Redsponge said...

then when is ur turn ler? ;p