Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short-lived Happiness

The lower fuel price made me happy for a night..

its so happen that our dear gov lowers the fuel price for RM2 per litre.

its so happen that my wukui is thirsty..throat starts to feel dry liao

its so happen that I OT till quite late, near 7pm

its so happen that nearby got a SHELL station

so I go pump petrol..RM50 as usual.

WAH! First time see the fuel Indication is FULL. HAPPY.

usually Rm50 gives me 5 bars only.

For the whole route back, I didn't dare to step on the pedal too hard. Hoping that by the time I reach home, it will still be in the FULL state so I can take a photo. I think the cars behind me sure @(*#^#^@$#*&$@#*@# - ing me lo..

luckily wukui very guai, I manage to take this photo. HEEE

But so sad, the next morning, 1 bar gone, and the next next morning, another bar gone.

Got so fast ma? Or is it because I pump petrol at night, its cooler, so the petrol is like "denser"?

and the next morning, its get hotter, some of it may have evaporated, turns to GAS?ROFLL..

I don't know...

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