Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Linky Love Tag

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this tag is a bit confusing but i decided to go ahead with it anyway..keke

Its called a Linky Love Tag and here are the guide lines :

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My add is:-

  1. laurahii
hehe, only 1, cos it seems like the rest has already been tagged, and some bloggers has expressed to me that they don't like to be tagged. so....hehe

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Can u spot the odd?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

All In One

Actually I got alot to blog about, just don't have enough time. HEHE

So cun that Ah Boy missed Mango and I wanna blog a bit on Mango. She's getting round at the tummy. So brought her to Stutong Park for a walk.

Stutong has a walking lane that extends up to 1 mile (which is 1.6km). But more than half of the walk, Oink had to carry her because she was tired and refused to walk. HAHA...

I went to the Rainforest World Music Festival on the last day of the 3-days event. It was hot! HOT HOT HOT!Was very sweaty! But the workshops was great, and so was the concert at night.

Sweaty me. I dare to publish this photo because I don't think u guys will know its me as half my face is mostly covered..muahaha. Besides i am cutting my hair soon. Yes!cut, not trim. I think its way too long already.

2 aunties having fun at the festival. They danced their hearts out.Its good to see seniors enjoying themselves like that. I felt a bit ashamed. All i shaked was my hand..:-D!! I was hot ma, need to fan myself. Besides it no fun to shake alone. Oink was standing still like a log. Not fun at all! And i had no idea where my friend, Eva is. She later told me she wanted to dance to, but her bf was having a bit of tummy ache. Sigh...

That day, I went to have my first manicure. A french one. Muahaha.. Looks pretty hor. I can't have squarish ones because my nail was too short. I can't have my nails too long, i tend to scratch myself when i sleep.

Look closer and you will see the "wrinkles". :-(( the lady told me after half an hour, they will dry. So i didn't dare to touch anything for half an hour.But still its damaged ler..SIEN.

After my manicure, I went to spa. SHIOK! so song. had body scrub, mask and hydrotheraphy (jacuzzi).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Charity Meme for the Orphans

Tagged by chen. I am suppose to do this sooner, but that day i type halfway, didn't save and need to go somewhere liao.LOL.

This is a charity tag by Idham. For every person who complete this meme before August 26th, he will contribute RM127 on your behalf to the Darul Izzah Orphange, Bangi.

The meme is about completing at least 17 out of the following 27 sentences.

  1. A person is only as good as … a person?

  2. Friendship is always … something i cherish alot

  3. To love is to… know how to love yourself first

  4. Money makes me… happy when its there, headache when its spent..LOL

  5. I miss … the days when i no need to work

  6. My way of saying I care is by … being beside you

  7. I try to spread love and happiness by… anyway possible

  8. Pick the flowers when… you are asked

  9. To love someone is to… make that someone happy and protect that someone

  10. Beauty is… is only skin deep

  11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was… I cut my hair short, waaaa~

  12. When I was twenty one, I remember… i am finally an adult

  13. I am most happy when … I no need to work & can go play

  14. Nothing makes me happier than … being around the ppl I love and having fun

  15. If I can change one thing, I will change… ppl's attitude

  16. If smiles were… gifts then I… would give them to you everyday

  17. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could…sleep at home now..

  18. If you want to … be better, then you have to … think and act better.

  19. Money is not everything but… almost everything tangible is not free

  20. The most touching moments I have experienced is… a secret

  21. I smile when… I am happy/ when ppl smile at me

  22. When I am happy, I… feel very nice

  23. If only I don’t have to… work, then… I can sleep!

  24. The best thing I did yesterday was… celebrating a special day.

  25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,”… A book - I think nobody going to read this..LOL

  26. One thing I must do before I die is… to live happily for a long long looooonnng time first.

  27. Doing this meme, I feel like … hard to complete sentences!:-D

WEEE, i did all 27! Now this is a charity tag. So I shall not tag anyone. Please, anyone who sees this, do this tag. Its for a good cause.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Its Friday the 13th!

after the lucky 07/07/07(many said that its an auspicious date), its friday the 13th(13/07/07)..

whenever its friday the 13th, it will make me recall something from my past.

Although 13 is always my favourite number, i also had a share of my friday the 13th's bad luck.LOL

It happened many years ago, i think i was either in form 1/ form 2. On that day, its a coincident that my dad has to go to KL. SO i had to walk back home from school.
I was in the afternoon session that time. As soon as the bell rang, it was already starting to rain. I decided to walk faster so that i can reach home before it gets dark. But the wind was blowing hard, n the rain soaked my shoes wet. It was a miserable feeling, i was cold.
I stopped halfway to take shelther at the shop lots, hoping that the rain would subside soon. But i waited and waited, its still heavy. A school bus passed by, all the kids inside was wet and dry.
Its getting dark soon, and I am alone. My conscious told me to just go ahead, soon i'll be safe at home, having nice warm dinner.
As i was crossing the road, a car drove pass by really fast, across the water puddle. SPLASH! i am wet all over now. How unlucky, i am getting more miserable.
Once i got home, i quick2 take a bath.

SIGH, it was a wet unlucky friday the 13th for me then. Actually i didn't notice its the 13th until i got home n saw the calendar.LOL

Its getting quiet here in the office without the other 3. There were originally 5 of us. 1 left.1 on vacation, and another going to another country.Hmm, I miss them.LOL. I miss the days when we chat through email. Always got something to laugh about.

Listening to sad korean songs doesn't make me feel better either.LOL

Monday, July 09, 2007


They say its once in a millenium. Indeed it is. Alot of people chose this day as their wedding day. My cousin wedded on this day. Can't attend though cos its at Belaga, it will be too rush. But I am happy for her :-)

Since its a special date, i was thinking of doing something special. But was too busy for it..LOL end up spending the day like any other days. Also consider special ma..LOL, at least i ever experienced this very day. At least i get to spend the day with people who are important to me, get to play with mango. :-) AHH, very special already.

Something is different on this day though. The traffic jam was far more serious at night(arnd 6-8 and 9-11). I think its because of the weddings lo.

So how did you guys spent your time on 07/07/07? come and share~

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Beautiful Wedding -03/07/07

Yesterday, a dear friend got married. She was pretty, cheerful and all smiles (always are!).

They have always been such a lovely couple. After being together for so long, the groom popped the BIG question and the bride said YES!

Despite the sunny hot weather, we had lots of laughters. They registered on the very same day, in front of 20++ of us as eye witnesses (only needed 2 witnesses to sign the marriage certificate ma).Once the registrar declared it as official, we all clapped and it was such a touching moment for me.

Its a lovely lovely wedding. Warm and fuzzy. A kind of wedding i like (and happy) to be a part of. :-) Now they are on a long honeymoon vacation.

Congrats my friend. I wish u and ur hubby will always be loving till forever and ever. You 2 are our role model! So must live up to it ya?LOL