Monday, July 09, 2007


They say its once in a millenium. Indeed it is. Alot of people chose this day as their wedding day. My cousin wedded on this day. Can't attend though cos its at Belaga, it will be too rush. But I am happy for her :-)

Since its a special date, i was thinking of doing something special. But was too busy for it..LOL end up spending the day like any other days. Also consider special ma..LOL, at least i ever experienced this very day. At least i get to spend the day with people who are important to me, get to play with mango. :-) AHH, very special already.

Something is different on this day though. The traffic jam was far more serious at night(arnd 6-8 and 9-11). I think its because of the weddings lo.

So how did you guys spent your time on 07/07/07? come and share~


zeroimpact said...

I thought you play with mango everyday
I think I was working, don't remember liao
I think we have a few more years to go, all the 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Laura Hii said...

my 070707 is amazing but i nvr thought such as coincidence I booked my flight on that day, besides only that time ray available sent me to airport. (I can avoid taking annual leave)

YiEnT@u.CoM said...

I sleep and sleep and sleep and ....yeah, still sleeeep =|

Chen said...

that was my wedding anniversary but i didn't do anything special :)

Btw, u r tagged with this Charity Tag :)

papercrazy said...

07/07/07 at 07hr 07min 07sec - I was still sleeping cuddling my pillow's saturday mah

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: Yes I do, but play with her on 070707 makes it more special?LOL..dun mind me, i am toking nonsense

laura:hmm, indeed u had a very memorable day.


chen: :=O!!

papercrazy: hmm, I was sleeping at that time too..:-p

Simple American said...

I was at Origins, the GAMA convention. GAMA is the Game Manufacturers Association. I played a lot of games and gave a seminar on how to start a game company. So I think my 07/07/07 is a lot of fun!