Friday, July 13, 2007

Its Friday the 13th!

after the lucky 07/07/07(many said that its an auspicious date), its friday the 13th(13/07/07)..

whenever its friday the 13th, it will make me recall something from my past.

Although 13 is always my favourite number, i also had a share of my friday the 13th's bad luck.LOL

It happened many years ago, i think i was either in form 1/ form 2. On that day, its a coincident that my dad has to go to KL. SO i had to walk back home from school.
I was in the afternoon session that time. As soon as the bell rang, it was already starting to rain. I decided to walk faster so that i can reach home before it gets dark. But the wind was blowing hard, n the rain soaked my shoes wet. It was a miserable feeling, i was cold.
I stopped halfway to take shelther at the shop lots, hoping that the rain would subside soon. But i waited and waited, its still heavy. A school bus passed by, all the kids inside was wet and dry.
Its getting dark soon, and I am alone. My conscious told me to just go ahead, soon i'll be safe at home, having nice warm dinner.
As i was crossing the road, a car drove pass by really fast, across the water puddle. SPLASH! i am wet all over now. How unlucky, i am getting more miserable.
Once i got home, i quick2 take a bath.

SIGH, it was a wet unlucky friday the 13th for me then. Actually i didn't notice its the 13th until i got home n saw the calendar.LOL

Its getting quiet here in the office without the other 3. There were originally 5 of us. 1 left.1 on vacation, and another going to another country.Hmm, I miss them.LOL. I miss the days when we chat through email. Always got something to laugh about.

Listening to sad korean songs doesn't make me feel better either.LOL


Pink Cotton said...


i miss u all too...
now can still chat thru email mah :)

p/s someone will be back soonnnnnnnn

PlatinumGirl said...

Panda, Panda,

You got an award. Pls visit my site. Thanks

papercrazy said...

that's life...people come and go.....sigh

Simple American said...

Try sad American song instead then. Er, maybe not. lol

I got splashed really bad on my trip by a stupid cab driver. So glad I was going back to the hotel then. Argh!

zeroimpact said...

Wah, together also still chat through email ah!
I think it could have been a coincidence la
I also got wet on many occasion when I was schooling

VampireM said...

look on the bright side, it was a friday, you could sleep late :p

and need not worry about your shoes for the next day