Saturday, July 21, 2007

All In One

Actually I got alot to blog about, just don't have enough time. HEHE

So cun that Ah Boy missed Mango and I wanna blog a bit on Mango. She's getting round at the tummy. So brought her to Stutong Park for a walk.

Stutong has a walking lane that extends up to 1 mile (which is 1.6km). But more than half of the walk, Oink had to carry her because she was tired and refused to walk. HAHA...

I went to the Rainforest World Music Festival on the last day of the 3-days event. It was hot! HOT HOT HOT!Was very sweaty! But the workshops was great, and so was the concert at night.

Sweaty me. I dare to publish this photo because I don't think u guys will know its me as half my face is mostly covered..muahaha. Besides i am cutting my hair soon. Yes!cut, not trim. I think its way too long already.

2 aunties having fun at the festival. They danced their hearts out.Its good to see seniors enjoying themselves like that. I felt a bit ashamed. All i shaked was my hand..:-D!! I was hot ma, need to fan myself. Besides it no fun to shake alone. Oink was standing still like a log. Not fun at all! And i had no idea where my friend, Eva is. She later told me she wanted to dance to, but her bf was having a bit of tummy ache. Sigh...

That day, I went to have my first manicure. A french one. Muahaha.. Looks pretty hor. I can't have squarish ones because my nail was too short. I can't have my nails too long, i tend to scratch myself when i sleep.

Look closer and you will see the "wrinkles". :-(( the lady told me after half an hour, they will dry. So i didn't dare to touch anything for half an hour.But still its damaged ler..SIEN.

After my manicure, I went to spa. SHIOK! so song. had body scrub, mask and hydrotheraphy (jacuzzi).


VampireM said...

wah... really cannot recognize that it's you :P

zeroimpact said...

Why cut?
Why cut?
I guess that the event was a good one and enjoyable.
Pssstttt, next time try shaking with the seniors, they may be able to teach you something
I want to shake now also

PlatinumGirl said...

With the hat and specs i oso can recognise you lar ....... ahahaha

Haiya, why you no come to the Blogger Meet ?

Chen said...

Hahhahaa... Mango is so adorable. Ah Boy has a similar harness too. There was once Ah Boy was too tired of walking (we went hiking up the hill) and he stopped, lying down on the ground and refused to walk. My hubby had to carry him up to continue on with the journey. Hahahhaha...

Redsponge said...

wooooooo so enjoying ah...let's go again next year and we shake together. lol!

13th Panda said...

vampirem: u saw me b4, so dun count! btw, wic 1 is u actually?

zeroimpact:cos too long, very scary~~

platinumgirl:@@! wat?why? u saw me b4? when blogger's meet wor?

chen: HAHAHA!guan lai ah boy oso like that!

redsponge: LETS!Oink is not a shaky person..not fun!

VampireM said...

umm... u should ask redsponge :p
since she's got all the pics... waiting to get hold of them :p

Simple American said...

You remind me of my niece.

Wahlau! Cut your hair. *pengsan*