Wednesday, June 27, 2007



I think my mama can read my mind. A few days after the tag is published, mama made this yummy dish! She even added in brinjals..YUMMY!

LADIES & GENTLEMAN, i present to u, my MAMA's ASAM FISH, hot and spicy, and a bit soury, cooked with stingray's meat...*drool*

Best served piping hot.
Best eaten with rice.


Friday, June 22, 2007


I had Chicken Pox during Mother's day. So we didn't celebrate Mother's Day in May. Now that bro is back for semester break. We decided to have a nicer dinner at a nicer place to combo celebrate Father's & Mother's day.

We went to Bla Bla Bla.


Verdict: NICE


Verdict: NICE, well fried on the outside, tender & juicy

DRUNKEN DUCK (Chef's recommendation)

Verdict : Disappointing. I think its not "drunk" enough..HAHA


Verdict: Not bad. Its different from other places because the oysters was fried separately from the pancake.

Verdict: YUMMY!I like this most. But I don't take the jellyfish served in the centre.

SUPER FULL AFTER THAT. But can see Dad & Mum quite happy. :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ah Boy would like to know Panda Jie Jie like to eat wat


I love to eat alot of yummy food bor, i like creamy pasta,
luncheon meat, chocolate, curry, ayam masak merah, taugeh mee, creme brulee,
lamb chop, sashimi, californian maki, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes,french fries, nasi lemak,
satay, BBQ chicken Wing (jln Song), sambal cockle, kangkung belachan, Orh Jien (oyster pancake),
Crab, Oink's Chicken Porridge, sio bee, har kow, bla bla bla...(alot more)

But the ultimate choice of all, would be my mama's ASAM FISH.If its spicy enough, a bit soury, cooked with stringray's meat..
ohh lala *drooling oredi*

Why is this my ultimate choice?got story der...

There's was once i had not much appetite, eat only a few mouthfuls of rice niah during each meal. Mama was very worried, everyday ask me why eat so little.
Bring lunch box to workplace also hardly touch it.Till one day, when i open up my lunch box,
i noticed mama packed asam fish for me. She woke up so early just to cook the dish for me, hoping that I will eat more.
I was so touched that time, tears filled my eyes, i told myself i must finish it for mama.
From that day onwards, i told myself i must eat more for mama.

Got no photo of the Asam Fish ler, lately mama didn't cook Asam Fish. LOL. I will take photo of it next time and put it up next time ya? (IOU..LOL).

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Friday, June 15, 2007


My streamyx service was suspended. Because I forgot to pay the bills :-p. But I already gave the money to dad and asked him help to pay bar, so gimme my back my streamyx already! Later on yew charge me without letting me use it. HMMPH. And this somebody in the house is pissed because he had no streamyx to use. Give me black face to see, I am also pissed to see his pissed face. HMPH. What is it with youth these days, its like the end of the world when they cannot go online. PUH-LEEZE la, get a life, there's so many other things to do besides getting online.

(OK!I added in this section after a few minutes of the original posting. LOL! apparently, this somebody sms-ed to apologize to me after a few secs i published this post!!LOL! Ok, that's very polite of him. I think i got do wrong also la for not being understanding, so i apologized also. I guess this is called sibling bond thingy? LOL..

but then, really la, the youth these days spend too much time online. Gone were the days when youth go hiking la, camping, playing basketball, soccer, etc. I can't imagine what will our future generation do for fun in the future)

OK. Enough with unhappy things.

That day, Oink and I saw these and hiao-hiao bought it so that we can have it as lunch.

Oink had this Thai Tom Yam flavour

And I get the Beef Stew Flavour.

What tempted us to buy them was the delicious looking photo on the packaging.

And what do we actually get?


This is what mine looked actually. only had a few pieces of tiny carrot bits. Should have more ler, like green peas kah?

Oink was luckier, at least his got a piece of that made-from-flour-thingy

NEVER again shall we buy these brand of instant noodle.

P/S: all these photos was taken with Oink's K750i. That's explains why some of them are blurred.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Not sure what to put as title

Forgive me for my lack of updates. Lately was busy. And the streamyx sux. Besides, not much had happened. Its the same ol' routine.

Last Saturday was really hot. It rained in the morning, but after that it was hot. Urgh.

We went to Song Kheng Hai again.

I had Honey Sea Coconut Drink. yum yum. Good for quenching my thirst.

I ordered Indian Rojak since i saw the cucur wadai displayed is quite tempting. I spoke Malay to the Indian lady, but she spoke Hokkien to me. WAHAHA.. interesting! This only happens in Malaysia I guess. And the cucur wadai they used in the Indian Rojak was good. :-)

Later that day, we saw a few of pc's/ oink's friend kenak tangkap. @@! It was so hot, and they are trapped. No where to toss and turn, quite kesian la.....

I like the one sticking the nose out, Very fat n round. He (I assume) tried to turn n shift to a more comfortable position, but the cage was too small. Kesian lah..

Coincidentally, that night, my family attended a charity dinner, they served pork leg stew. *rub chin*


No photos of the pork leg, as soon as it was served, the hungry ppl on my table was already cutting it into smaller pieces..:-p

Monday, June 04, 2007

Nothing Much Happened

We had a long weekend because of Gawai. :-)

Its quite peaceful, nothing much happened.

As usual, mango doing what she likes 2nd most-sleep. She likes to eat most. :-D!

We had a little BBQ.

We went visiting. This is one of the houses we went to. Colourful isn't it?

and they had lots of sarawak made vases.

Tomorrow need to get back to work liao..