Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ah Boy would like to know Panda Jie Jie like to eat wat


I love to eat alot of yummy food bor, i like creamy pasta,
luncheon meat, chocolate, curry, ayam masak merah, taugeh mee, creme brulee,
lamb chop, sashimi, californian maki, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes,french fries, nasi lemak,
satay, BBQ chicken Wing (jln Song), sambal cockle, kangkung belachan, Orh Jien (oyster pancake),
Crab, Oink's Chicken Porridge, sio bee, har kow, bla bla bla...(alot more)

But the ultimate choice of all, would be my mama's ASAM FISH.If its spicy enough, a bit soury, cooked with stringray's meat..
ohh lala *drooling oredi*

Why is this my ultimate choice?got story der...

There's was once i had not much appetite, eat only a few mouthfuls of rice niah during each meal. Mama was very worried, everyday ask me why eat so little.
Bring lunch box to workplace also hardly touch it.Till one day, when i open up my lunch box,
i noticed mama packed asam fish for me. She woke up so early just to cook the dish for me, hoping that I will eat more.
I was so touched that time, tears filled my eyes, i told myself i must finish it for mama.
From that day onwards, i told myself i must eat more for mama.

Got no photo of the Asam Fish ler, lately mama didn't cook Asam Fish. LOL. I will take photo of it next time and put it up next time ya? (IOU..LOL).

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Proposition: What is your favourite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food & show delicious picture(s) of it.
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kyh said...

i demand pictures!!!!!

wah asam gulai... my fav! *hungry*

Laura Hii said...

ayyayaay agreed with kyh.

Picture!!!! please of ur mama asam laksa. make me mouth watering :P

Redsponge said...

wak! i love my mama's asam fish (stingray) too!!! mwhehehe...of course not hot type...it is sweet and sour ;p

Chen said...

asam fish, so niceeeeeeeeeeeee
i feel like eating it now
(although the clock has struck 12 midnight :P)

Simple American said...

Maybe if you stop eating again she will make some...

Winn said...

reading those food name oredi make me salivate....no need pic also can....sigh..i wan them for breakkie

zeroimpact said...

Sounds really yummy
Next time cook remember leave some for me
And I love luncheon meat, mama's style of course

13th Panda said...


Laura: U sama geng with KYH la

redsponge: OH~now i know more about u... I tot u dun like fish?but then stingray taste WAY better than normal fish hor..'x'

chen: wah! Sud be sleeping already..

Simple American: Not a bad idea!but I think ask her directly will be faster, keke

zeroimpact: OK! *wink*