Monday, June 11, 2007

Not sure what to put as title

Forgive me for my lack of updates. Lately was busy. And the streamyx sux. Besides, not much had happened. Its the same ol' routine.

Last Saturday was really hot. It rained in the morning, but after that it was hot. Urgh.

We went to Song Kheng Hai again.

I had Honey Sea Coconut Drink. yum yum. Good for quenching my thirst.

I ordered Indian Rojak since i saw the cucur wadai displayed is quite tempting. I spoke Malay to the Indian lady, but she spoke Hokkien to me. WAHAHA.. interesting! This only happens in Malaysia I guess. And the cucur wadai they used in the Indian Rojak was good. :-)

Later that day, we saw a few of pc's/ oink's friend kenak tangkap. @@! It was so hot, and they are trapped. No where to toss and turn, quite kesian la.....

I like the one sticking the nose out, Very fat n round. He (I assume) tried to turn n shift to a more comfortable position, but the cage was too small. Kesian lah..

Coincidentally, that night, my family attended a charity dinner, they served pork leg stew. *rub chin*


No photos of the pork leg, as soon as it was served, the hungry ppl on my table was already cutting it into smaller pieces..:-p


zeroimpact said...

Yeah, been very hot lately
Apparently I just had indian rojak for lunch today also
But not so nice

nyonyapenang said...

adoi...kesian lar the piggy...maybe on the road to piggy heaven leh...kesian....

Selba said...

Honey sea? what kind of honey is that?

Ah.. indian rojak.. long time haven't eaten it... we don't have it here in indonesia.. must go to singapore to eat it :D

Simple American said...

You need a bloggers badge. Next time flash your badge and demand a chance to take a proper picture. In the mean time I am going to have some Indian food. :P

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: now starting to rain in the afternoon liao

nyonya penang: YA...=( kesian

selba: no no, its honey with sea coconut.. Singapore's indian rojak nice kah?hmm

Simple American: LOL!gd idea..i tink i will be scolded if I do that..LOL

dragonfish said...

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