Monday, June 04, 2007

Nothing Much Happened

We had a long weekend because of Gawai. :-)

Its quite peaceful, nothing much happened.

As usual, mango doing what she likes 2nd most-sleep. She likes to eat most. :-D!

We had a little BBQ.

We went visiting. This is one of the houses we went to. Colourful isn't it?

and they had lots of sarawak made vases.

Tomorrow need to get back to work liao..



Laura Hii said...

so nice got long weekends!!

Selba said...

we also got long weekend here in Indonesia because of Vesak Day :)

Had bbq!!! hehehe

Mango so cute as always... *hugs*

Simple American said...

So sorry that your lovely weekend was marred by having Monday on Tuesday. Hope you have recovered by now. ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Wahhh... so nice got holiday.

Redsponge said...

hee no wonder u love mango that much...u both share the same hobbies!


zeroimpact said...

Wah, I never have chance to visit or experience Gawai
I want the sausages

13th Panda said...

laura & kenny : :-)

selba: Vesak day?is it one of the buddhist's festival? Mango give u *hugs* too

Simple American: mm, i have embraced the reality..LOL

Red Sponge: hng, i wanna piak u

zeroimpact: You should come in june. We have gawai holidays!