Friday, June 15, 2007


My streamyx service was suspended. Because I forgot to pay the bills :-p. But I already gave the money to dad and asked him help to pay bar, so gimme my back my streamyx already! Later on yew charge me without letting me use it. HMMPH. And this somebody in the house is pissed because he had no streamyx to use. Give me black face to see, I am also pissed to see his pissed face. HMPH. What is it with youth these days, its like the end of the world when they cannot go online. PUH-LEEZE la, get a life, there's so many other things to do besides getting online.

(OK!I added in this section after a few minutes of the original posting. LOL! apparently, this somebody sms-ed to apologize to me after a few secs i published this post!!LOL! Ok, that's very polite of him. I think i got do wrong also la for not being understanding, so i apologized also. I guess this is called sibling bond thingy? LOL..

but then, really la, the youth these days spend too much time online. Gone were the days when youth go hiking la, camping, playing basketball, soccer, etc. I can't imagine what will our future generation do for fun in the future)

OK. Enough with unhappy things.

That day, Oink and I saw these and hiao-hiao bought it so that we can have it as lunch.

Oink had this Thai Tom Yam flavour

And I get the Beef Stew Flavour.

What tempted us to buy them was the delicious looking photo on the packaging.

And what do we actually get?


This is what mine looked actually. only had a few pieces of tiny carrot bits. Should have more ler, like green peas kah?

Oink was luckier, at least his got a piece of that made-from-flour-thingy

NEVER again shall we buy these brand of instant noodle.

P/S: all these photos was taken with Oink's K750i. That's explains why some of them are blurred.


Laura Hii said...

yummuy.....I used to eat a lot those instant noodles. it is cheaper if u buy in pack. However,..I still like my NO.1 Curry Maggi Mee. :P

allen said...

the flour-made-piece is called naruto in japanese.. :P

Ah Boy said...

instant noodle all taste the same wan. Btw, u r tagged

redsponge said...

康师傅~~quite nice ler! ;p

zeroimpact said...

The picture is blurr because its too near I think.
I'm not really a fan of instant noodles but I will try new flavours too.
I guess the picture on the thing always lies

Winn said...

wah now i crave for instant matter how floury it is...haaaaaaa coz i hungry. i see one thing eat one thing! haaaa

13th Panda said...

laura : I also think Maggie Mee tasted nicer. But don't eat too much instand food, not good.

allen : oh~so desu.

Ah Boy:All tasted yummy to u ya?LOL

redsponge:NICE KER?i suspect i put too much hot water lo..'x', seldom eat such instand mee ma

zeroimpact:I wanted to try the focus ma, mana tau blur...LOL, nvm la..LOL

winn:WAH, must control wor

Simple American said...

The picture is always better. How come? Can we sue them for misrepresentation?

13th Panda said...

simple american: I wish we could!