Friday, June 22, 2007


I had Chicken Pox during Mother's day. So we didn't celebrate Mother's Day in May. Now that bro is back for semester break. We decided to have a nicer dinner at a nicer place to combo celebrate Father's & Mother's day.

We went to Bla Bla Bla.


Verdict: NICE


Verdict: NICE, well fried on the outside, tender & juicy

DRUNKEN DUCK (Chef's recommendation)

Verdict : Disappointing. I think its not "drunk" enough..HAHA


Verdict: Not bad. Its different from other places because the oysters was fried separately from the pancake.

Verdict: YUMMY!I like this most. But I don't take the jellyfish served in the centre.

SUPER FULL AFTER THAT. But can see Dad & Mum quite happy. :-)


zeroimpact said...

Wow, that is nice food
I like the kailan, especially if fried with salted fish
Just wondering, the shop name is bla bla bla right

Selba said...

That's great.. celebrating mother's and father's day together :)

Oyster pancake? that's new for me....

Laura Hii said...

it is for real??? the restaurant name is "Bla Bla Bla"????

Chen said...

so little oyster, mostly egg niah :D

kyh said...

walao so yummy!

eh jellyfish can eat one meh? no poison ka? *shudders at the thought*

Redsponge said...

kekekeke...din know bla bla bla serve chinese food ... tot only western food! ;p

Winn said...

the last time i went kuching my fren recommended bla bla bla oso..but i didnt go..looks like it serves chinese huh

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: yes,the shop name is Bla Bla Bla.keke

selba:its yummy! i like oyster pancake

laura: YES!when u come back kch u can see it liao, its at same row as The Junk.

Chen:ha nor, we need to bahagi..LOL, i got more btw..WAHHAHA!

kyh:got non poisonous der jelly fish i tink?i dunno how they prepare it ler..i never eat them, i tink its v gilik

redsponge:got got, the last time we went i oredi noticed it, hmm, u sud pay more attention to ur surroundings 'x'

winn: yup, quite nice, next time u come, u sud come n have a look

carcar said...

wat a hearty meal, hi hi... long time no 'see' :)

13th Panda said...

carcar: hi~ ya lor, long time no "see"...LOL

Simple American said...

Gosh. Sorry I am so behind on my reading. Wish you mom and dad a wonderful time with their children. They did a good job on you, ya? :)

lol So how much more the chicken needs to drink hor?