Tuesday, October 25, 2005



i think i have lost my access card!!!i dropped my bag last nite during dinner at Batu Lintang, and probably the card fell from the bag and i didn't notice!!

I was begining to have my series of bad luck since Aug this yr...aiizz...This reminds me of the movie "A series of Unfortunate Events" i didnt watch it, but the title sure ngam my situation right now.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Mango's House

I was planning to give Mango a better place to sleep in...The little box she's in is a bit too cramp for her i think. She toss and turns a lot while sleeping. So after breakfast on Saturday morning, my bf and I went on hunting for empty unused boxes arnd supermarkets. We finally found them at Han Lee, BDC. But the boxes are in two cages. Very tall cages....which i cant reach :-( Luckily i got a very tall bf..hehe...we managed to get several big boxes :-)

We were so excited..keep discussing how should her house turn out to be.:-)

My bf gets to b architect for a day. Used to be his ambition..so he was very happy..haha...and satisfied when the house was completed.

The box house is just temporary. When Mango gets older, we'll try to build a wooden one for her..:-)

Materials for her house

The "walls"

I know, its sanitary pad's boxes. But its the few ones that are actually big enough and on top of the empty boxes piles that we manage to reach. Mango can't read.she won't mind :-p

Mango's "poo poo" place

In case Mango needs to poo in a hurry and we are not there to bring her outside.

Construction in progress :-)

Mango sleeping like a baby when construction is in progress

As you can see, the box she's sleeping in is just too small for her.

Front view of Mango's house.

As You can see, its quite big, compare to the Kitchen's funiture at the back of the house

Side View of Mango's House

Mango checking out her new "house"

As 1st she sleeps in the "open" part of her house, but soon she moves into her "room" where she can toss and turn all she likes..LOL..
My mum covered the house with mosquito netting the next day, so that Mango can sleep peacefully at night :-) and no bloody mosquito can suck blood from young defenceless Mango.
Along came Mango

It was my birthday last Thurs. I took whole day leave. I went to immigartion office in the early in the morning. After that i went back home zzzz..by 11 something i got a call from my bf...he said he's outside my house...but i juz took bath n was only wearing towel..so i asked him to wait outside a while..

ok when he came in...he came in with a bouquet of flowers...how sweet of him..keke...

then he gave me 3 boxes, containing McD's latest toys...then he said That's all for my birthday gift...hhmm....but a few mins later he came in again with a big box...he asked me to open it up...when i opened it..it contained dog food..i went @@ huh??

then he laughed n went out again...with a paper bag in his hand..then he handed me the bag carefully. I peeped inside and there she was.....brown n a bit shivering....a puppy pug...AAWWWW...so cute....she's just 6 weeks old..we took her out from the bag..and she sniffed around....and then she licked my toes....its a gd sign..at least she's not scared of people..some dog will coward to a corner when they see people...Too bad i didn't take her photo with the pink ribbon on her.My bf tied it 2 her when he gave her to me..but i untie it...mayb she would feel more comfortable..

We soon had the dillemma of naming her...i was thinking since she likes to lick..mayb named her LICKY?LOL! But it sounds terrible to me lo..and a bit lame also...so we think and think and think...then i said “How bout CHU CHU (pig pig in mandarin)?” then i shrugged of the idea of that name also bcos she's a dog later will bcome CHU KOU (mandarin) , TU KAU (mandarin) which is not nice to hear..

So we thought and thought...Ponder and ponder..then we suddenly toked abt the McD's toys...one of the toys name is Mango something.. MANGO!!sounds like a really nice name.. So we name her MANGO...

Along came Mango, is responsibity... I have a mouth to feed now...I have to spend a lot of time taking care of her and be a lot more patient..no more unneccesary spending for me...less fancy dinners, less movies, less sleep (she sometimes whine in the middle of the night, macam small baby, when she wants to do "big business" -.-"", I put her in a box in my room for the 1st few nites cos outside got mosquitoes), less of avthing....but its all worth it...its all worth it when this tiny little puppy runs to you, in a clumsy manner with her nails tip-tapping on the floor, whenever u call out her name...Mango~~

Mango drinking

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Surprise..Surprise ..*wink*

My close colleagues and I have been celebrating each other birthdays this year. And on each event, the rest would try to play a little prank on the birthday girl.

Attempt No.1 : RedSponge's birthday

Initital Plan:We were planning to surprise her during lunch at Pizza Hut. Our plan is to ask her bf to ask her our for lunch at Pizza Hut and when she reach there she would be surprised to see us all there.

Reason plan foiled:the bf accidentally blurted out that we will be there for lunch also and she found out...in the end no more surprise.HAHA!

Additional Plan: Our additional plan is to play a prank on her where we would leave a box of mini tarts on her table and stay anonymous. This plan works a bit but i was her prime suspect -.-" But it kept her bz whole morning...:-p..trying to find out who left the tarts for her.

Attempt No.2 PinkCotton's birthday

Initial Plan: We plan to ask her out for dinner and cancel the dinner at the very last minute after she got ready and all. >:-D And a few days later we will drop by her house and ask her get ready in a few minutes and bring her out to dinner.

Reason(s) Initial plan cannot be executed :
(1) What if the bf comes back and brings her our to dinner that day instead? (FYI, the bf was not in kch at that moment, he was travelling for work, in the end he did come back and brought her to dinner that nite, how sweet~~~)
(2) What if she has other plans that nite?we were planning to liase with her mother to make sure she stays home...haha..
(3) What if her family decides to 'chia' her dinner that nite?then of cos her mum wont agree to help us lo..
(4) etc etc
With these few doubts, we decided to change our plan.

Changed Plan: After rounds of discussion, we decided its safer to tell her that since we'll be going to Carvery, all ladies are required to wear dress and guys are to wear shirt and pants, no T-shirt allowed. Of cos this is to deceive her into wearing a dress and the rest of us will wear casually la. HAHA..

Plan Foiled: RedSponge and I were net sending each other in office on that afternoon about wat would Pink Cotton's reaction will be when she founds out. But somehow that day, the net sending service got crazy and our msg containing the plan was sent to her!!! So much for a surprise, a few more hours then the plan will work..aiizz..ahaha...oh well, when she found out she net send Red Sponge...and Red Sponge got so panic she walked to toilet and while she passed by my place, she moved her lips to these words "She found out"...so i followed her to toilet and we had a brief discussion and laffed in the toilet and Pink Cotton walked in!!That was the fatest time i ever walk into the toilet's cubicle. Red Sponge also stormed into the toilet's cubicle. I had to held myself from laughing out loud in the toilet. While we were in toilet, pink cotton taps her foot and waited patiently. After a while, i decided we cant be in such state forever, so i pull up a stern face, walk out, wash hand and left the toilet...when red sponge came out, pink cotton immediately "confront" her...LOL!! when pei walked into the office, she was laughing until i can see her tears rolling down..HAHA...But that nite, pink cotton still wears a dress la....so "kuai" of her..keke

Attempt No.3 : My Birthday

Their Initial plan : Ask my bf to invite on a dinner out together at The Junk and they will show up there to surprise me. (similar to Red Sponge's case)

Reasons plan foiled :
(1) My bf "piu cui", he thought my colleagues got inform me. The he asked me "Did you get the mail?" I said "wat mail (@@) ? " Then he still didn't realised it was suppose to b a surprise and replied " neh, the mail about dinner at The Junk" I said "no bor, must be they planning to surprise me and now u tell me eh" He replied "ooooppss.." HAHAHAHA
(2) Red Sponge net send me "What will u wear to The Junk?" I pretended to be blur..cos i want to trick them back bar....then she quick2 changed topic..haha
(3) They plan so much and change date but in the end they forget to inform my bf. LOL!

How I tricked them back:
I was thinking how sud i trick them back hor..then the day b4 the dinner..i got an idea. On that night, i was suppose to go dancing with wen wen, so my 1st target is here. I will "attack" her 1st. I told her that my bf asked me out to dinner and I forgot abt our dancing class, since i agreed to go dancing class 1st, I will cancel the date. She calmly persuade me to go to the date instead, that she will teach me the steps i will miss. Then she said if i cancel my bf might get angry.After a few tries, she is still quite calm...arr...hard to "tackle" la this girl...LOL....but wen wen send an email to avbody that i plan to cancel my date wif my bf. Then Pink Cotton got the idea to tell me that The Junk got promotion, 2 orders for the price of one. And its their anniversary but the promotion is a secret. Then i pretended and say i will call The Junk to make sure there is such a promotion..she got panicked and i saw her walked to Red Sponge's cubicle.Boy~it was hard for me to stop myself frm bursting into laughter...the whole thing was getting fun...muahahah..then i think i have had enuf fun and said i will proceed on my date *wink*

On the actual night itself:

When me and my bf arrived at The Junk, its CLOSED. SO was Bla Bla Bla. Like this i wanna pretend surprised also cannot liao la...wat promotion??its closed every Tuesday..LOL...Pink Cotton should do more research 1st..ahaha...so they decided to go Elephant instead. So when we were there, i saw wen wen and her bf. SO we went into Elephant to wait for the rest. Fel Fel, Pink Cotton, Red Sponge and Mr. Red Sponge (Red Sponge's bf) arrived 20 mins late. Red Sponge had to finish her load of work 1st, that's why they were late.

The light in Elephant.

Wen Wen took the photo while waiting for our food.

Some of the drinks and the minicake they bought me. Can see my right hand somemore.

Wen Wen's bolognaise Spaghetti

Wen Wen's bf Mixed Grill

My grilled lamb chop. Medium. With black pepper sauce.

The lamb is a bit hard.

Paiseh~ my collegues orders i have forgotten to take their photo. Mayb I was too hungry liao..hehe ~

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Maturity VS Age, and something about my dad

*This post has been edited due to privacy matter*

Its true waat, some ppl is old enuf to be a parent but still not mature ler, some teens is mature than their seniors...some girls are even mature than their boy friends of similar age group ler..some younger sibling even more mature than the older ones..one twin is more mature than the other...*list goes on...*

As much as this bothers me..sometimes i also said these phrase without me realising I'm saying it..but i shall remember to say it less liao...

I have strict parents, who if possible wants to know my whereabouts 24/7. Constantly i got teased with "how old i am liao, my parents still control me like that..bla bla bla" *by the way, i noticed a new place called "bla bla bla" near The Junk. will check it out soon..keke..*

ok...back to main topic..ok, i have parents that likes to call me to ask me where i am when i go out late at nite. Don't this show they care?that they are worried.I bet there are some people out there who wished their parents would show a bit of care towards them instead of slaving at work or 2 bz for their kids. When i was younger, I do envy those frens who have total freedom..where parents have to much of other stuff to care abt instead of worrying abt them..but now i do understand why my parents are what they are now..especially my dad....he is not really gd at showing his soft side ...his is owes the strict dad... my dad sometimes will wait for me to come back then he will be willilng to go to sleep..will your dad do that? My dad is no hot shot, not rich, not sensitive, but he has his own way of expressing his concern and it took me these few ways to understand his way..i feel bad...being his daughter but dunno him much..we have something in common...we dun owes say wat we feel..owes keep things in our heart...not willing to let ppl view our weaker side...*sigh* I'm trying to change now.. my dad is not as healthy as he was when he's younger..i've notice he has really grown old, especially his hands, the right thumb seems a bit harder than the rest of his fingers..i wonder wat happens....but he owes keep things to himself...not even my mum knows much...only recently my dad's doctor got explain a bit to my mum on my dad's health...then my mum tell some of it 2 me...i never realised some of the facts...I feel bad..so now i try to avoid arguing with him...the safest way for me is to talk less to him....cos i can b pretty short tempered sometimess..hehe..I still remember the days where my dad will let me play with hair while he's taking nap ( i was pretending to be a barber bar..haha), buy me SUGUS (now i dun tink they sell SUGUS anymore) everday after work, play badminton with me..etc etc when i was small...but somehow as i grow older, we somehow drifted apart...hhmm...mayb its bcos I stick more to frens (and bf..:-p) now...that's why from time to time i ask my parents out 2gether and have made Sunday a family day...

Well..that's all for now...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bungalow (Library Cafe)

Went there before with my colleagues to have lunch. Bungalow (Library Cafe) is situated somewhere along Jln Keretapi. Its on the First floor (corner) of a shoplot.

Here's a photo of the banner.

When you see this banner, juz take the stairs to go up.

Upon entering the cafe, you will see this on the wall to your right. Ummm, I dunno how to read either of the chinese words..:-p.. too "high level" for me

We proceeded to find a place where we can sit down. There were quite a number of customers that nite at the cafe. Mayb its exam period. All the students came here and study. I didn't expect so such a crowd. I decided to go there because i thought there wont be much ppl making noises and kacau me do revision..haha..

Students, students, students.... looking at them, it reminds me of my schooling years.

As you can see, its quite bright here. Not like other cafes where they are dimly lit, as the students need suffiencient lighting to do their studies.

This is wat i need to study...*sigh* exam is 2 mths away....i need more TIME to study..

We decided to sit at the long table attached to the aquarium. Nice aquarium with little fish and prawns. Here are some photos of it.

Can u spot the little prawn?

We ordered pizza and some beverage.

Mine is honeydew juice :-) i love honeydew...the other one i forgot the name..:-p...but i know got lime inside..

They seem to use the type of bread we used to make sandwich for the pizza. Place ingredients on top (hotdog, tomato, cheeze, etc) on the bread and put it in oven for a few minutes. It smells nice..

There are lots of magazines, books, comics in the cafe. Most are in mandarin though.
Here is a drawing i made by copying the illustration on a comic book.keke

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I was lunching with my colleagues at Ban Seng today and when we were done lunching, there was this yellow cat, with big yellow eyes, meowing nearby for food. So I gave it the chicken skin that i didn't eat. One of my colleague didn't finished her food so i "fish" the meats out and gave it to the yellow cat. Well, at one time, there's this piece of vege got caught on the meat. I didn't bother abt it and gave it to the cat. I was quite shocked to see it ate the vege up!Wow, vege-eating cat! call me suaku o watever, but this is the 1st time i saw such scene. But then i remembered a few yrs back..i saw a cat eating banana. But before that, she actually bite it off from the comb. She didn't peel it, but the banana is ripe enuf to squeeze through the holes she had bitten earlier. Believe it o not!haha