Monday, October 17, 2005

Mango's House

I was planning to give Mango a better place to sleep in...The little box she's in is a bit too cramp for her i think. She toss and turns a lot while sleeping. So after breakfast on Saturday morning, my bf and I went on hunting for empty unused boxes arnd supermarkets. We finally found them at Han Lee, BDC. But the boxes are in two cages. Very tall cages....which i cant reach :-( Luckily i got a very tall bf..hehe...we managed to get several big boxes :-)

We were so excited..keep discussing how should her house turn out to be.:-)

My bf gets to b architect for a day. Used to be his he was very happy..haha...and satisfied when the house was completed.

The box house is just temporary. When Mango gets older, we'll try to build a wooden one for her..:-)

Materials for her house

The "walls"

I know, its sanitary pad's boxes. But its the few ones that are actually big enough and on top of the empty boxes piles that we manage to reach. Mango can't read.she won't mind :-p

Mango's "poo poo" place

In case Mango needs to poo in a hurry and we are not there to bring her outside.

Construction in progress :-)

Mango sleeping like a baby when construction is in progress

As you can see, the box she's sleeping in is just too small for her.

Front view of Mango's house.

As You can see, its quite big, compare to the Kitchen's funiture at the back of the house

Side View of Mango's House

Mango checking out her new "house"

As 1st she sleeps in the "open" part of her house, but soon she moves into her "room" where she can toss and turn all she likes..LOL..
My mum covered the house with mosquito netting the next day, so that Mango can sleep peacefully at night :-) and no bloody mosquito can suck blood from young defenceless Mango.

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