Friday, October 07, 2005

Bungalow (Library Cafe)

Went there before with my colleagues to have lunch. Bungalow (Library Cafe) is situated somewhere along Jln Keretapi. Its on the First floor (corner) of a shoplot.

Here's a photo of the banner.

When you see this banner, juz take the stairs to go up.

Upon entering the cafe, you will see this on the wall to your right. Ummm, I dunno how to read either of the chinese words..:-p.. too "high level" for me

We proceeded to find a place where we can sit down. There were quite a number of customers that nite at the cafe. Mayb its exam period. All the students came here and study. I didn't expect so such a crowd. I decided to go there because i thought there wont be much ppl making noises and kacau me do revision..haha..

Students, students, students.... looking at them, it reminds me of my schooling years.

As you can see, its quite bright here. Not like other cafes where they are dimly lit, as the students need suffiencient lighting to do their studies.

This is wat i need to study...*sigh* exam is 2 mths away....i need more TIME to study..

We decided to sit at the long table attached to the aquarium. Nice aquarium with little fish and prawns. Here are some photos of it.

Can u spot the little prawn?

We ordered pizza and some beverage.

Mine is honeydew juice :-) i love honeydew...the other one i forgot the name..:-p...but i know got lime inside..

They seem to use the type of bread we used to make sandwich for the pizza. Place ingredients on top (hotdog, tomato, cheeze, etc) on the bread and put it in oven for a few minutes. It smells nice..

There are lots of magazines, books, comics in the cafe. Most are in mandarin though.
Here is a drawing i made by copying the illustration on a comic book.keke


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Red Sponge said...

Nice drawing!!! hehe

Pink Cotton said...

red sponge: i think u need to change ur specs..u said it was closed oredi!!

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