Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Surprise..Surprise ..*wink*

My close colleagues and I have been celebrating each other birthdays this year. And on each event, the rest would try to play a little prank on the birthday girl.

Attempt No.1 : RedSponge's birthday

Initital Plan:We were planning to surprise her during lunch at Pizza Hut. Our plan is to ask her bf to ask her our for lunch at Pizza Hut and when she reach there she would be surprised to see us all there.

Reason plan foiled:the bf accidentally blurted out that we will be there for lunch also and she found the end no more surprise.HAHA!

Additional Plan: Our additional plan is to play a prank on her where we would leave a box of mini tarts on her table and stay anonymous. This plan works a bit but i was her prime suspect -.-" But it kept her bz whole morning...:-p..trying to find out who left the tarts for her.

Attempt No.2 PinkCotton's birthday

Initial Plan: We plan to ask her out for dinner and cancel the dinner at the very last minute after she got ready and all. >:-D And a few days later we will drop by her house and ask her get ready in a few minutes and bring her out to dinner.

Reason(s) Initial plan cannot be executed :
(1) What if the bf comes back and brings her our to dinner that day instead? (FYI, the bf was not in kch at that moment, he was travelling for work, in the end he did come back and brought her to dinner that nite, how sweet~~~)
(2) What if she has other plans that nite?we were planning to liase with her mother to make sure she stays home...haha..
(3) What if her family decides to 'chia' her dinner that nite?then of cos her mum wont agree to help us lo..
(4) etc etc
With these few doubts, we decided to change our plan.

Changed Plan: After rounds of discussion, we decided its safer to tell her that since we'll be going to Carvery, all ladies are required to wear dress and guys are to wear shirt and pants, no T-shirt allowed. Of cos this is to deceive her into wearing a dress and the rest of us will wear casually la. HAHA..

Plan Foiled: RedSponge and I were net sending each other in office on that afternoon about wat would Pink Cotton's reaction will be when she founds out. But somehow that day, the net sending service got crazy and our msg containing the plan was sent to her!!! So much for a surprise, a few more hours then the plan will work..aiizz..ahaha...oh well, when she found out she net send Red Sponge...and Red Sponge got so panic she walked to toilet and while she passed by my place, she moved her lips to these words "She found out" i followed her to toilet and we had a brief discussion and laffed in the toilet and Pink Cotton walked in!!That was the fatest time i ever walk into the toilet's cubicle. Red Sponge also stormed into the toilet's cubicle. I had to held myself from laughing out loud in the toilet. While we were in toilet, pink cotton taps her foot and waited patiently. After a while, i decided we cant be in such state forever, so i pull up a stern face, walk out, wash hand and left the toilet...when red sponge came out, pink cotton immediately "confront" her...LOL!! when pei walked into the office, she was laughing until i can see her tears rolling down..HAHA...But that nite, pink cotton still wears a dress "kuai" of her..keke

Attempt No.3 : My Birthday

Their Initial plan : Ask my bf to invite on a dinner out together at The Junk and they will show up there to surprise me. (similar to Red Sponge's case)

Reasons plan foiled :
(1) My bf "piu cui", he thought my colleagues got inform me. The he asked me "Did you get the mail?" I said "wat mail (@@) ? " Then he still didn't realised it was suppose to b a surprise and replied " neh, the mail about dinner at The Junk" I said "no bor, must be they planning to surprise me and now u tell me eh" He replied "ooooppss.." HAHAHAHA
(2) Red Sponge net send me "What will u wear to The Junk?" I pretended to be blur..cos i want to trick them back bar....then she quick2 changed topic..haha
(3) They plan so much and change date but in the end they forget to inform my bf. LOL!

How I tricked them back:
I was thinking how sud i trick them back hor..then the day b4 the dinner..i got an idea. On that night, i was suppose to go dancing with wen wen, so my 1st target is here. I will "attack" her 1st. I told her that my bf asked me out to dinner and I forgot abt our dancing class, since i agreed to go dancing class 1st, I will cancel the date. She calmly persuade me to go to the date instead, that she will teach me the steps i will miss. Then she said if i cancel my bf might get angry.After a few tries, she is still quite calm...arr...hard to "tackle" la this girl...LOL....but wen wen send an email to avbody that i plan to cancel my date wif my bf. Then Pink Cotton got the idea to tell me that The Junk got promotion, 2 orders for the price of one. And its their anniversary but the promotion is a secret. Then i pretended and say i will call The Junk to make sure there is such a promotion..she got panicked and i saw her walked to Red Sponge's cubicle.Boy~it was hard for me to stop myself frm bursting into laughter...the whole thing was getting fun...muahahah..then i think i have had enuf fun and said i will proceed on my date *wink*

On the actual night itself:

When me and my bf arrived at The Junk, its CLOSED. SO was Bla Bla Bla. Like this i wanna pretend surprised also cannot liao la...wat promotion??its closed every Tuesday..LOL...Pink Cotton should do more research they decided to go Elephant instead. So when we were there, i saw wen wen and her bf. SO we went into Elephant to wait for the rest. Fel Fel, Pink Cotton, Red Sponge and Mr. Red Sponge (Red Sponge's bf) arrived 20 mins late. Red Sponge had to finish her load of work 1st, that's why they were late.

The light in Elephant.

Wen Wen took the photo while waiting for our food.

Some of the drinks and the minicake they bought me. Can see my right hand somemore.

Wen Wen's bolognaise Spaghetti

Wen Wen's bf Mixed Grill

My grilled lamb chop. Medium. With black pepper sauce.

The lamb is a bit hard.

Paiseh~ my collegues orders i have forgotten to take their photo. Mayb I was too hungry liao..hehe ~


Pink Cotton said...

AHA!!! nowwww i kno the secret bhind my bday!

luckily plan A din work...for sure i wont go out with u gals mah tat nite..hehehe *wink*

as for 13th panda...u li hai,make me sound like 'gong kia' dono come out with wat stupid idea to try to cheat u...

ah kong: u jaga a bit ho...mwehehehe...

13th Panda said...

aiya mai ah neh...ku ku jit pai...haha...u still got chances ler...only this time i got lucky cos ah kong piu cui..ahaha

Red Sponge said...

I think the most exciting one should be pinkcotton's birthday. But u really make me busy the whole day to find out who gimme the cake. Anyway, ur ah kong shud always be blamed as he hai u have no surprise on ur bday! ;p

13th Panda said...

well, at least he gave me the chance to have some fun on u guys back..LOL