Monday, October 17, 2005

Along came Mango

It was my birthday last Thurs. I took whole day leave. I went to immigartion office in the early in the morning. After that i went back home 11 something i got a call from my bf...he said he's outside my house...but i juz took bath n was only wearing i asked him to wait outside a while..

ok when he came in...he came in with a bouquet of sweet of him..keke...

then he gave me 3 boxes, containing McD's latest toys...then he said That's all for my birthday gift...hhmm....but a few mins later he came in again with a big box...he asked me to open it up...when i opened contained dog food..i went @@ huh??

then he laughed n went out again...with a paper bag in his hand..then he handed me the bag carefully. I peeped inside and there she was.....brown n a bit shivering....a puppy cute....she's just 6 weeks old..we took her out from the bag..and she sniffed around....and then she licked my toes....its a gd least she's not scared of people..some dog will coward to a corner when they see people...Too bad i didn't take her photo with the pink ribbon on her.My bf tied it 2 her when he gave her to me..but i untie it...mayb she would feel more comfortable..

We soon had the dillemma of naming her...i was thinking since she likes to lick..mayb named her LICKY?LOL! But it sounds terrible to me lo..and a bit lame we think and think and think...then i said “How bout CHU CHU (pig pig in mandarin)?” then i shrugged of the idea of that name also bcos she's a dog later will bcome CHU KOU (mandarin) , TU KAU (mandarin) which is not nice to hear..

So we thought and thought...Ponder and ponder..then we suddenly toked abt the McD's of the toys name is Mango something.. MANGO!!sounds like a really nice name.. So we name her MANGO...

Along came Mango, is responsibity... I have a mouth to feed now...I have to spend a lot of time taking care of her and be a lot more more unneccesary spending for me...less fancy dinners, less movies, less sleep (she sometimes whine in the middle of the night, macam small baby, when she wants to do "big business" -.-"", I put her in a box in my room for the 1st few nites cos outside got mosquitoes), less of avthing....but its all worth it...its all worth it when this tiny little puppy runs to you, in a clumsy manner with her nails tip-tapping on the floor, whenever u call out her name...Mango~~

Mango drinking


Pink Cotton said... must b a dream come true for u rite? cos i kno u've been telling me abt getting a pug since last year :P i get a full account of how he gave it to u.i was asking him how he will give it to u...but it seems that he had some other ideas at the last

yahh..having a pet at home is a really wonderful feeling...dogs r loyal WILL b worth it hehhe

13th Panda said...

How was he planning to give her to me in the beginning?@@

Chen said...

the puppy mango looks so cute..
feel like pinching her face ;)