Monday, February 20, 2012

Normah's pregnancy forum (18 feb 2012)

I was informed by a medical representative friend of mine that Normah is having a forum on 18th. I kept forgetting to register until the day before and luckily there's still seats available.

Oink has high expectations of what will happen in the forum. EG. How to bath a bb.

Anyway, the forum was suppose to start at 1.30pm at level 9 crown tower. And we went to the wrong Crown Tower, we thought its the one at Riverside. Actually its the Crown Tower NEXT to Crown Square. Anyway, we made it, late however, and missed a good front part of Dr. Suria's forum. She made the forum quite interesting. And how spousal support and TLC are important. And I keep looking at Oink from the corner of my eyes to make sure he doesn't fall asleep. How wrong I was. I am proud of the man, he listened really attentively. After Dr Suria's forum, it was Dr George Ting's turn to talk on the Guide to the first year of your child.

He talked about breastfeeding and encourage people to breastfeed and the many goods of breastfeeding. And from his talk, I learned that Jaundice is unavoidable, its only the matter of how serious it is. Then there's alot of topics on vaccinations. By the time Dr George Ting is done, Oink said he has a headache, so many info to digest, it more difficult than his work he said. LOL. I said nvm, I registered ourselves to KPJ's antenatal class that will be 2 months from now. He can refresh what he learned today there 'x'

But deep inside my heart, I am happy he is so willing to come to the forum with me. And didn't even fall asleep!

Normah is having antenatal exercise class on the 25th of Feb at Normah. I might be going. Anyone else interested?

goodies received at the forum

I am most happy about the food 'x'. Actually I was happier with the New Parent booklet. The food will be processed and come out after a few hours, but the booklet answered so many of my questions. I love it! I shall treasure it and write my name BIG BIG on it to make sure its not lost.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


found!!finally.not perfect.but location and price wise is good enough for decision down.547347796 more to go.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


We can't find a nanny! OMG!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Quick update on my pregnancy (again)

Before I forget

(1) I think I have some water retention on my feet. BOOOHOOHOOO..

(2) Last night Oink talked to my belly, and ask BB to response if she can hear him, and she gave me a mighty kick that made Oink very delighted and happy.