Sunday, August 28, 2005


My weeks are busy.Full of loads of works, deadlines....i hate this feeling. Stressed until wake up at nights and think of my work. Its wearing me out. I'm looking forward to holidays which is no where soon. The nearest is Merdeka Day but I suppose i'll go back to office and WORK. All this fuss makes me think and miss my schooling days. Yeah, we do have PROJECTS to complete n rush during those good old days. But we don't have clients back then. At that time, a 85% percent is consider a pass, a good enough grade.But with the client, they will always want 101% percent out from you. MIND that 101% is their 101% not our's 101%, they will want us to change the system according to what THEY want, and us developers back here have to think until out a solution to meet their demands until half-siao. Luckily I have a special someone that's always supporting me, backing me up, who is also my information provider. I'm glad i have him. :-) but as for now *sigh* back to work..i juz got an inspiration for my coding..hopes it will work lah

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Buying a digital camera here in Kch is errr an "unsatisfying" experience..Its bcos,

(1) Service Sux
(2) Not much choices of shop in Kch(dominated by C*p*l and branches)
(3) The sales person all macam u kiam him money like that

Its been a long time since i have set my eyes on a canon model, so we went to this shop that a fren has recommended BUT, WTH, they don't sell the model i wanted...and since its late, we decided to go to C*p*l at Swak Plaza, there we were looking n looking at the cameras, and the sales person also looking and looking at us, WITHOUT making any initiative to approach us, to offer service to us...there were only 2 potential customers at that moment, my bf and I, and this look-like-taukeh uncle, of cos that uncle got a sales person attend to him la, where as we are still being ignored, dun know those 3-4 sales person do wat there, chia lai bai sui may be (better put mannequins la, better kok)...frustrated, we left the shop and headed towards sony centre, where my bf said we should try out..

Just a few seconds after we set our foot in the shop, a frenly looking salesman approach us.aaahh...finally a gd service provider!! so there he went, toking abt the latest sony digital cameras, he was so good, in fact at one point, i juz wanted to take out my credit card and buy one, but still my heart's still with canon, so....we told him we will tink abt it soon as we said that, his whole expression changed, into one of those ppl-kiam-him-$$ face.... ¬.¬

so with not much choices left, we proceeded to visit/ o make calls to other branches of c*p*l..boh-pien bar...i was going to KL in a few days, i might juz buy one frm there, can buy it cheaper kok, but all my frens said better buy frm kch bar, easier if the camera gets ka-boink...

The most angry part is, all those C*P*L branches said different things to me....

the one at satok area mentioned: "you buy this camera, we will give u free 256 mb card."
the salesman har...macam so lazy like that, if u dun ask him, he won't open his mouth....apa?!!mouth made of gold is it?

Hock Lee's: "Now we have offer, will give you 256mb cf card and free re-chargeable batteries with the charger"
me: "Can pay with credit card?"
I was quite satisfied with this branch, but i think i ever heard my fren said that the after-service was lousy

Sarawak plaza's : {phone picked up}" hello"
me: "Yes, i want to buy a xxx camera frm you, may i know how much do u sell?"
Sales gal : "wait ahh" { covered phone with hand, heard her ask the col how much}
Sales gal : "rmxxxx"
me: " the rechargeable bateries included?"
sales gal:"wait ahh" {ask col again} - WTH!!liaw my HP credit niah!!
sales gal: "got ar...we got give you baterries"
me: "re-chargeable?"
sales gal:"no boh, that one you have to buy"
me:"ok then, tq" {hung up}

*type until here, feel lazy to type i shorten the story lah....jiu type jiu angry*

ok, so since i really need to buy the digital cam liao, my bf and I decided to buy frm the saberkas branch after dinner

at saberkas, as usual, i ask how much they are selling
salesman: "RMxxxx"
me: "with re-chargeable batteries and the charger?"
salesman:"no boh, that one is sold separately"
me: "but when i was at hock lee, they say got those included leiiiiii" {i sounded angry liao}
salesman:"wait arr, i go make a call" {made a call and talked on the phone in the most kui2 sui2 manner}
salesman:"ok, can be arranged only if the purchase is made by cash"

That sales guy got lucky, i neeeeed the camera, so, i decided to go ahead and buy....

In the end, i realised that:
(1) none of the C*P*L salesman ever smiled
(2) they dun answer u with a professional attitude
(3) same camera can have different package??!!??!

I hope in the future, a better shop will open!! this c*p*l has the sux-est service i ever had!!c*p*l taukeh sud look carefully b4 hiring!!Or at least train them carefully 1st!Or are they being under-paid until they act like this??

*Pls take note that All statement that is mentioned here is not intended to humiliate any party. Its is just an expression of unfairness that i have experienced. Pls ignore any spelling mistakes i have made as it is typed in a hurry*