Sunday, August 28, 2005


My weeks are busy.Full of loads of works, deadlines....i hate this feeling. Stressed until wake up at nights and think of my work. Its wearing me out. I'm looking forward to holidays which is no where soon. The nearest is Merdeka Day but I suppose i'll go back to office and WORK. All this fuss makes me think and miss my schooling days. Yeah, we do have PROJECTS to complete n rush during those good old days. But we don't have clients back then. At that time, a 85% percent is consider a pass, a good enough grade.But with the client, they will always want 101% percent out from you. MIND that 101% is their 101% not our's 101%, they will want us to change the system according to what THEY want, and us developers back here have to think until out a solution to meet their demands until half-siao. Luckily I have a special someone that's always supporting me, backing me up, who is also my information provider. I'm glad i have him. :-) but as for now *sigh* back to work..i juz got an inspiration for my coding..hopes it will work lah

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