Wednesday, May 13, 2015

眼睛关, 脚直直

Tomato was coughing whole night and can't sleep well after we got back from KL. So i let her skip school and I stayed at home to take care of her. 

That morning, before I went to shower, I told her to play by herself. Then I saw her petting her doll's head. The sort of like "poking the eyes" and I heard her say : "眼睛关", the she run her hands through the legs and said "脚直直". :D That's what I have been saying to her at night when she refuse to sleep. She used it on her doll. I certainly didn't POKE her eyes, just so you know, and before u accuse me of child abuse.

And after my shower, this is what I saw. AHAHA, lately she likes to arrange her toys. Only the doll is technically hers. The others are my gifts. Teddy bear is my first bear from my dad. Mom cleaned it, and patched the nose back. So its a bit crooked.