Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I first found out about this place from my parents. And was very amused by the name. LOL. So i decided to check it out together with my bf after Saturday brkfast.

Welcome to Disiniland

Self made swimming pool

Play ground

They got lizard too!

Mango :-p at the lizard

Mama Horse and Kid Horsie eating.

Local sheeps

Guess wat is this?LOL

Mango feeling scared of something..look at her paw..

Me, trying to mount the horse gracefully but failed miserably. Pls excuse my messy was a windy day. LOL.. The horse stop a few steps after starting...and i swear he's about to throw me off..luckily got the 2 "cowboys"...But i was terrified. Was very glad when the ride ended. It will be a long 2 time b4 i try horse riding again...Mayb elephant- ridingwill be better? I'll be at Bangkok 2moro!


Been tagged by redsponge. SO here goes:

Four jobs I would stink at:

1. Pilot – I have no sense of direction and i'll get air sick!

2. Socialite – I bad at socializing :-p

3. Nurse/ Doctor – I don't like hospital smell

4. Tailor – I'm not gd at sewing even

Four pretend nicknames I’m making up for myself:

1. 13thpanda – Of Course

2. Rina – Been my ICQ nick for years, b4 i changed the nick to wat's in no.3

3. Jade

4.Jen – Always used the name for games.

I got tones of nicks given by others, eg. PUI CHU NYUK (means fat pork..CIS) , nyamuk, my bro calls me JEN DWEEB..CIS

Four movies I have watched over and over:

1. NEVER BEEN KISSED – looking at drew barrymore makes me thinks about myself when younger...Such a wonderful ending....feel like crying everytime during the ending

2. My Sassy GF (korean)

3. Its an old movie by Stephen Chow, i dunno the mandarin name..sud b “9 pin zhi ma kuan”.

4. -

Four places I have lived:

1. Kuching

2. Tebakang, Serian

3. ...

4. ...

We don't move much..:-p

Four things I love to do on my weekends:

1. Pak Thor

2. Playing Games

3. Watch DVD

4. play with Mango

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to:

1. CSI

2. Friends

3. Super Sunday


Four alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed on offshore vacations :

1. ..

2. ...

3. ...

4. ...

I never had any wine during vacation, but i do drink, red wine, white wine, sweet tasting liqour..etc

Four things I could NOT live without (besides oxygen, H20, and miscellaneous life-sustaining substances):

1. My love ones

2. PC

3. Money

4. Hand Phone

Four of my favorite foods, partnered with people with whom I enjoy eating said foods:

1. I Love Seafood! YUM..Anyone especially my family

2. Italian food – With my honey ..keke

3. Japanese food – With anyone..

4. Spicy food – with anyone that like spicy food too!

I love eating!

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. On a beautiful Island

2. Home with Mango

3. Anywhere with my BF - :-p

4. nice cafes with gd magazines to read

4 people I mercilessly tag:

  1. ..

  2. ..

  3. ..

  4. ..

I got no one to tag..LOL!!i dun socialise in blogsphere much..wait i get my streamyx 1st..i owes blog at office..:-p...avthing written in a rush..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Its back with me

Remember the card that i lost last year. The card that is used for me to move around the office?

I found it last nite..LOL..Its hidden in the outer pocket of my purse. I wonder how did it get there...LOL HMM..i've owes misplaced stuff, and years later it will re-appear.LOL. I found it while tidying up my purse. HMM..i sud tidy up more.

Sunday Outing (11 June 2006)

My bf's parents ajak-ed to go Bau makan angin, and for lunch. We went to Turn Red Restaurant.

We had bat meat, wild boar meat, tauhu and vege. Sorry, no photos for the food. I was hungry.KEKE. But the bat meat not so nice..:-p..The bat meat i had when younger was much much nicer.

The view from inside. Nice eh?

The view from outside. Even nicer eh? Even got swings to play.

I saw a lot of RED SPONGE's cousin! They look so innocent!!How could ppl eat them?I can't, even ppl say its tasted like chicken, but how could u pretend its chicken when u know its FROG meat inside your mouth?urrggh
We saw what they did at Waterfront

Last, last wk (Saturday), my bf and I went to Waterfront. And we saw this!

sorry for the blur photo :-p

YES.Its seems that the world cup fever is running high, ppl now can play football on a balloon field!wow wee! So easy, no need plant grass, fall down also don't need to scare, cos everywhere its balloon, its soft. We stayed awhile to watch "Holland" VS "Brazil". And of cos "Brazil" won.

And we also saw Kids!Tons of them, having loads of fun torturing the air-filled play ground.

The little girl seem to be having a blissful moment. Kids now are so lucky, when i was a kid, where got such stuff to play?

AIR Castle.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another Nice Movie

My bf and I watched Da Vince Code last night. It was great. I read from newpapers that critics said it was not up to expectation la, not as good as the book la...ocipala ocipala...but wat the heck?i don't CARE..cos i dun read the book..i watched the movie.And i tink its gd. That's why i dun read Harry Potter also, cos i find its weird after reading the book,some ppl still go and watch the movie. If u know the storyline, there's no more suspense watching the movie, u will always know wat will happen next. If i ever want to read the book, i will read it AFTER i watch the movie. :-p

Some ppl say they don't understand the movie. But for me and my bf, who are with only basic knowledge of christianity, can understand the whole movie and be fascinated by it.

OK, back to Da Vinci Code. It made me think a lot. Our world will certainly be a lot different if the church WERE to run by a female.hmm.May be instead of pope, we will have mome. It made me more than interested to have a good look at “The Last Supper” painting. I will search for the painting after work.HEHE.Then it made me wonder where did Jesus Christ laid to rest in peace?What's a gospel?Did Jesus really had a wife/ “companion”? If he really did, wats wrong with that?must he be a virgin to be divine? hmm..a lot of questions...

There's a lot of stuff i want to write here, but i am afraid that i will offend some i better don't..:-p And i'm not so sure about the truth as well.*ponder*

Monday, June 05, 2006

My Holiday

~Day 1: 1st day of Gawai~

We brought Mango to Taman Sahabat for a walk. She enjoyed it quite a lot. Its been a while since we brought her out for a walk, we need to wait for her period to finish first.

When it got too hot, we left, and tapao-ed breakfast at Tabuan. I shared some of my kolo mee with mango.KEKE.

Mango @ taman Sahabat

Mango feeling intimidated by the big stone bird

Nice flower

After that, i get ready to go gawai visiting with my bf and colleagues. We got lost along the way to the 1st house.We were suppose to go to two houses only. But when we visited 1st house, which is my bf's colleague, we were invited by him to his sister's house, uncles' house, grandfather's house, so we ended up visiting 5 houses all together at one go (all at the same area, within walking distance). LOL. But we had NICE food, we were served with curry, BBQ Chicken (ICHIBAN!! juicy n tender), ayam masak merah, and even STEAMBOT (VERY nice soup base!), etc. YUMMM~~ we spent quite a few hours at these 5 houses. Everyone was very friendly, n welcoming. We then proceeded on to the 6th house, which originally should be our 2nd house. It was cool there, with lots of trees, i started to feel sleepy there.:-p There, we had pansuh (bamboo chicken) and some other currys. I didn't eat much there, i was too full, so i had a bite of pansuh from my bf's plate.:-p

These gawai visitings made me realised how much long houses has evolved. From wooden long houses, where ppl can actually go frm one house to any house along the row frm inside the room, to independent brick houses cluttered at the same area. I believed they still have the TUAI RUMAH, which is something like a village head. I knew quite a bit of these long houses, because for my previous job, I did some marketing job at Sri Aman for 2 days. My ex colleagues and I visited both traditional and modern long houses to market our company's program. One traditional one that i can remember clearly is one that u need to climb their wooden ladder to go up (and it was quite shaky!). The Tuai Rumah had a much MUCH younger wife. she was the one that did talking to us. And there's another one where we visited and they had this net of human skulls hanging from the roof, I didn't dare to go near it. :-p. And there are also very poor ones, where we heard sad story abt a young single mum, who had to bring up her children herself.hmm.

~Day 2: shopping day~

Nothing much on this day, my bf and 1 went kai kai and shopping.HEHE.

~Day 3:~

My bf and I went brkfast at McD in the morning, then we bought DVD and watched Xmen: The Last Stand at home.

Then, my family and I went back to my dad's old house at 29th / 30th mile. My uncle and family is still staying there. They have a chicken farm there. When they just started the business, we palyed with the little chicks. SO CUTE, but now i don't go to the farm much, its smelly..:-p

The view

View on the lake. Believe it or not?The biggest fish living in it is vegetarian.

Pretty flower

For dinner, i was invited to join my bf's family to have steambot dinner at Selina's house (Selina is my bf's bubbly aunty). We had satay!lamb curry!ayam masak merah!sambal!asam curry fish!and of cos STEAMBOT!!i personally think the ingredients used in d steambot is more than the soup many ho liao in the soup!

I got take some photos of the food, but its all blur..:-p mayb i was too hungry liao.

~Day 4:~

I woke up feeling dread that I will need to go back to work the next day. :-(. I spent this day lazying, and playing pc games, and do laundry.

My Holiday is goood, but too bad not long enuf, i can't wait for my thailand trip liao!!