Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We saw what they did at Waterfront

Last, last wk (Saturday), my bf and I went to Waterfront. And we saw this!

sorry for the blur photo :-p

YES.Its seems that the world cup fever is running high, ppl now can play football on a balloon field!wow wee! So easy, no need plant grass, fall down also don't need to scare, cos everywhere its balloon, its soft. We stayed awhile to watch "Holland" VS "Brazil". And of cos "Brazil" won.

And we also saw Kids!Tons of them, having loads of fun torturing the air-filled play ground.

The little girl seem to be having a blissful moment. Kids now are so lucky, when i was a kid, where got such stuff to play?

AIR Castle.


Anonymous said...

lol in fact it's holland team win with 4-1

13th Panda said...