Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sunday Outing (11 June 2006)

My bf's parents ajak-ed to go Bau makan angin, and for lunch. We went to Turn Red Restaurant.

We had bat meat, wild boar meat, tauhu and vege. Sorry, no photos for the food. I was hungry.KEKE. But the bat meat not so nice..:-p..The bat meat i had when younger was much much nicer.

The view from inside. Nice eh?

The view from outside. Even nicer eh? Even got swings to play.

I saw a lot of RED SPONGE's cousin! They look so innocent!!How could ppl eat them?I can't, even ppl say its tasted like chicken, but how could u pretend its chicken when u know its FROG meat inside your mouth?urrggh


Red Sponge said...


Pink Cotton said...

looks like cartoon!
at first i tot its fake!! 'x'