Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I first found out about this place from my parents. And was very amused by the name. LOL. So i decided to check it out together with my bf after Saturday brkfast.

Welcome to Disiniland

Self made swimming pool

Play ground

They got lizard too!

Mango :-p at the lizard

Mama Horse and Kid Horsie eating.

Local sheeps

Guess wat is this?LOL

Mango feeling scared of something..look at her paw..

Me, trying to mount the horse gracefully but failed miserably. Pls excuse my messy was a windy day. LOL.. The horse stop a few steps after starting...and i swear he's about to throw me off..luckily got the 2 "cowboys"...But i was terrified. Was very glad when the ride ended. It will be a long 2 time b4 i try horse riding again...Mayb elephant- ridingwill be better? I'll be at Bangkok 2moro!


Wilson said...

wow, can ride the little ponny :O
how nice, i wanna go one day.
em~~do u need to pay any entrance fee or riding ponny fees?

where is the exact location?

13th Panda said...

Yes, its rm 3 for horse riding, u need to pay to swim in the swimming pool also..i tink i will post the map to disiniland soon in the that you all will know how 2 go..i wanted to post the map in this entry, but dunno why got error. Nvm, i'll try again