Monday, June 30, 2008

One way to save $$$

With the recent petrol price hike, even if some food stall owner don't increase the prices, they found other ways to lessen their operating cost. eg. use lousier quality rice, lousier food material, less quantity, etc

Usually I go out also don't know want to eat what.

Even the fast food stall i usually frequent, cost me more now. I usually take 2 vege type dishes and 1 meat, which cost me RM3-3.50. Now its RM4. Not planning to go back anymore cos I think the rice they use is the lousy type. The tauke even smiled cheekily and said the rice price have increased. But I notice they are still using the same lousy rice ler..CIS

So I have decided to bring home cooked lunch every Monday. Since I got time to cook on Sunday night, its easy to put them in the fridge, and heat them next day in office with microwave for lunch.

And I always enjoy cooking. Try different things. But I only let Oink be my lab rat, to test my experimental cookings..muahaha..

Today is not the first time I brought home cooked lunch.

For less than RM10, I can buy good quality materials for lunch, enough to feed 2 people. Even for RM10, I can buy beef and such for lunch. Where else can you eat lunch for 2 person and have beef?And within RM10 somemore.

I sometimes find Oink very "hang fuk" to have a wife like me 'x' (oops, puji sendiri..muahaha)

I try to cook 3 dishes every time, comprising of 2 vegetable dishes and one meat. Balanced diet ma..and to have more variety..

Lets see what we are having today...

Come closer..

This is what's in my bento. Chicken, brinjal stir fried with very nice belacan, and oyster mushroom with carrot.

Not only its more economical to bring home cooked food, but can have better food at a much better value also..

YUM YUM! I've just heat my food and want to eat now...HUNGRYYYY!!


update: My chicken tasted fabulous. This is the first time i cooked my chicken this way, I marinated them first then cook them in "grilling" style, although I don't own any grilling stove. I hope you know what I mean. My other dishes are not less yummy. Oh so satisfied now! *rubs tummy* I feel great! Now to think back, I think my cooking are less oily. No rice gets wasted as well, if i eat outside, I always can't finish my rice :-p. With home cooked meals, i can bring the exact amount of rice that I want. No food goes wasted.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

You got to feel it for yourself!

There's only one and only one mission when we decide to go Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. That is to challenge ourselves, to try Mt. Kinabalu.

We bought our tickets last September. We didn't start training until its near to our climbing date. :-p

When we saw the mountain from our van, i don't know about the rest, but I was a bit scared when i see the real thing. Its so so so so tall.

We spent the night at Pine Resort before starting the climb next morning. It was very cold at the resort.

We started from the Timpohon gate. It was very misty and a bit windy. A bit chilly.

This is one of the better trails..there are worse than this.

As we got up, its getting colder and by afternoon, it rains! We keep moving to keep warm.

I was getting really wet...SIGH..

This is Aileen, looks like ninja right? But she is the toughest of us all, she carried 10kg on her back.

While me & Oink hired a porter to carry our 9kg load. I was only carrying 3kg on my back.WAHHAHA..

After braving heavy rain & strong winds, finally we made it !!!

to Laban Rata!...not the summit yet, need to spend a night, rest, eat first ma, before waking up the next morning at 2am to resume our adventure.

It was very very cold, I cannot even describe how cold is it. Even if the food was hot, less than 3 mins later, its cold, like eating food from fridge! And worse is that the heater only starts at 8pm! SO SO COLD. Feel oh so miserable.

Woke up at 2am to get ready.

Brought this heat pad my MIL bought from Japan. I need warmth!warmth!warmth!

Look at how cold it is at Laban Rata!

Actually its gets wayyyy colder as we go up.

There's typhoon somewhere at Philipines, according to our guide. So we are climbing up in bad weather.

My gloves are wet and my hands were freezing...:(

There are droplets of water on my eye lashes...:(

my face feels numb...:(

my 2 layers of pants also soaked wet till my underpants..:(

no sunrise to see, its was dark, windy, and cold.. :(

When i was climbing down, i sprained my left hurts like hell everytime i am bending walking down from Laban Rata for 6km is like a nightmare for me. The last 2km, I even felt like crying. But i keep walking, slowly but at least I am moving on. Luckily Oink was very patient with me, although I was very grumpy from the pain.

Look at the fastest record, i don't even know how there people do it. Even the veterans did better than me..*run & hide in a corner*

Oink with his cert, I got one too :)

For many many years to come...I think I won't try such as extreme activity anymore. 'x'

I shall relax, enjoy, eat till fat fat 'x'

Even if I go KK next time, I shall go to their gorgeous beaches/ islands instead.

Or come for their delicious DOTTS egg tart..YUMM

Best eaten fresh from the oven!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MAS Customer Service sucks

Yesterday, I emailed MAS regarding on their online ticket. They replied saying will respond in 24 hours. After emailing them, i keep refreshing my inbox to see any mail coming in. I was waiting their reply before deciding to buy their ticket or not. Ater waiting for 4 hours, I reckon calling them will be faster. I tried THREE times. Everytime there's this annoying lady's voice saying the staff is engaged, please hold on to the call. @(&#^@^#. For the first time, i actually waited!Hung on to the call, listened to the lady's voice for 2 more times before I hang up. After all this calls, I lost around rm5 credit from my HP, and NO answers. SIEN.

Till now, after MORE than 24 hours, still no email from them. *shake head in disgust*

But then...

Tomorrow I will be flying off to KK. Will be there for 5D4N. Happy! cos don't need to work. 'x'


Monday, June 09, 2008

Another New Toy

Before I tell you what is it, i will tell you a story first. A story that leads to my decision to have this toy.

I always have problem sitting still for long, doing nothing but looking around. Especially during long hours in Air Asia Flights. If I'm lucky, i will feel drowsy and sleep. My worst ride ever, I should say was the Turbojet ride from Hong Kong to Macau. Its was so rocky with all the waves, I think I had my first sea sickness! I need to pop candies in my mouth. Oink wanted to sleep, but I keep pestering him, telling him I was feeling very bored and nauseous. He finally gave in, and taught me how to play 5, 10, 15 with hands. The game you usually can see in old HK movies, they usually play it in pubs, bars, while drinking. But Oink was only willing to play for a good 15 mins, and he got drowsy again. At last he threw me his handphone, and I told him he should have given it to me earlier. His handphone has GAMES. So I happily leave him to sleep like a pig, while I played Net Big 2.

Then came the ride home to Kuching from Macau. I don't know how can Oink sleep everywhere, anytime, but again , I was bored. After looking around and find no Leng Chai for me to see, nothing interesting, I began to pester Oink again. Then agitated, he found the magazine stacked in front my seat and gave it to me.

Thank god!Finally something that I can do!
Good thing I got a pen in my bag.
....10 mins later...finished spotting the difference, finding all the words, and didn't feel like playing sudoku..
sigh....what else can I do?
So i flipped through the pages...

I think this guy looks better with the mustache I added for him, certainly looked more man-ly..don't you think? 'x'

Then I began to scribble my thoughts, lamenting on how bored I am, etc etc on a page in the magazine. 'x'

Another "victim". sorry lady, you are pretty, but I am bored. So I have created a new "image" for you 'x'

So after the incident, I told my brother, he LOL and told me no wonder all the mags he read in Air Asia flights frm KL always got scribblings!'x'..AH! that only means they are others like me! I am not alone!

So that lead to me buying THIS!

Can you spot it?

Well, in case you got problem seeing what I wanted to show, here's a clearer picture.

TADAAA!!! I had a dilemma on what colour should my PSP be, they say if you buy white, it will turn yellow, if I buy pink, I don't think I want Oink to be seen in public with a pink PSP. So i settled on silver!sleek and trendy! But I somehow thinks it lacks a woman's still thinking how to make it more...more...ME!

This is a bag thingy Wen gave us as souvenir from her Vietnam trip. I find it very pretty,I like the colour, the butterfly, but don't know what to use it for.

And now...its useful!

Its perfect for my new PSP slim lite!

And here it adds some woman's touch to my cool PSP. But i think my PSP need somemore ME in it, I will think about this.

And this is something totally unrelated to my new toy, its ang pow packets I bought at Hong Kong. I find it very nice. 10 for 8HKD, not cheap also. And I used the first one on a colleague's wedding last Saturday. 9 more to go!

Last night I went to watch Kungfu Panda. Oink keep singing the kungfu song and telling me that's MY movie. Got panda ma. So we went last night, and it was hilarious! I had a good laugh. Go and watch it, its never too old to watch cartoon.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mango the Omnivorous Glutton

Its quite easy to feed my Mango. She basically eats everything!

Be it bugs...yes you hear me right, I actually caught her a few times, eye-ing an insect curiously, sniffing it, and the poor insect will end up in her mouth!

She loves fruits, banana, mangoes, apples, anything!

Not many dogs can eat vegetables. But mine do!

Don't believe me?

Look at these!

Looking at my bowl of salad hungrily

just a bit more...i can almost taste it...

WAHHAHAA!finally got it!

I tried to take clearer photos, but Mango who is usually sleepy and slow, is very energetic when it comes to food!

Look on the bright side, at least she eats her vege.AHHAHA