Monday, June 02, 2008

Mango the Omnivorous Glutton

Its quite easy to feed my Mango. She basically eats everything!

Be it bugs...yes you hear me right, I actually caught her a few times, eye-ing an insect curiously, sniffing it, and the poor insect will end up in her mouth!

She loves fruits, banana, mangoes, apples, anything!

Not many dogs can eat vegetables. But mine do!

Don't believe me?

Look at these!

Looking at my bowl of salad hungrily

just a bit more...i can almost taste it...

WAHHAHAA!finally got it!

I tried to take clearer photos, but Mango who is usually sleepy and slow, is very energetic when it comes to food!

Look on the bright side, at least she eats her vege.AHHAHA


zeroimpact said...

Wah... that means mango must have a very good diet of meat vegetables and fruits

13th Panda said...

YA YA YA!my mango is healthy mango..ekekek

jasmin said...

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Selba said...

Mango is just like my 2 little naughty dogs :) They can eat everything!

Especially Adele, gosh... she love to eats fruits and veggie. Her favourite fruits are banana, star fruit, apple, oranges, papaya, durian and many more.

Chen said...

Mango is like my Ah Boy. He eats vegetable too, including carrot, tauhu, taugeh, salad, tomato, cucumber etc and he loves fruits. But of coz he loves meat more lah.. :P