Friday, May 16, 2008

Gading + Flies killing Spree

Jaqq, Jee, Oink and I, went to sematan last weekend. We had steamboat as dinner, followed by rounds of netbig2.HEE..

I cant upload the steamboat photos yet cos my compact digital cam's battery is flat and is currently being recharged. So you all have to settle on the Gading photos.HEHE.

We were woken up by Jee the next morning at around 6 to look at sunrise.

Too bad there's too much clouds. The sunset the day before was awesome, but it was raining thus no photo was taken.

Taken by me :) The sun is shy, hiding behind the clouds.

Since the sun decided to stay hidden, we went back to our guest house. And Jaqq cont her beauty sleep while we played scrabble 'x'

After that we packed, bathed, ate kolo mee and off we go to GADING!

After hours of taking routes like this...

Photo taken by Jee

We arrived at the summit waterfall no.7! 'x'!

Photo taken by Jee

No la, this is not the waterfall, the actual waterfall is a bit higher up.We just want to cool our feet.


My shoe, photo taken by Oink. I like this photo alot. Not sure why, but it looks like some kind of advertisement to me.

Anyway, about the flies. After we got home from Sematan. I notice there's alot of flies in the house. Don't know where did they come from. But they are such a nuisance! I was feeling a bit feverish yesterday. Even though it was hot last nite, i felt a bit cold. But the flies irritates me so much, i splat them with folded newspapers/ papers. Soon I was on the move, hunting the flies. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! I started sweating.

And today I woke up feeling fine.ROFL!


zeroimpact said...

Wow, the shoes really looks nice
And that must be a nice trip, waterfall and nature is the best!!!

Redsponge said...

I saw u yesterday morning bo...hmmm