Friday, June 26, 2009

I am sick and tired

which is true...

because I have been coughing for more than a week now. Why oh why that it seem that my sickness is getting more n more difficult to heal as I grow? I miss a lot of good food you know?

I miss eating spicy chicken wings, i miss mcd's fries, I miss ice cream, I miss nasi lemak...sighhhhhhhhhh

and the last time when I thought I am almost recovered, I went binging on all those forbidden food I cannot have when coughing. And ended up with more coughing!

I would wake up suddenly at nights, and cough like hell! And it feels difficult for me to breathe after I cough, and my tears just flowed n flowed when I cough like that. And on Wednesday night, I coughed till vomited :(

very sad la, when will I get back to normal?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ho Chin Minh Day 3

*** WARNING: IF your name is FELICIA THEN, DON'T READ THIS POST, cos I posted up a photo of something you will be terrified off, don't say I didn't warn you..AHAHAH***

Our activity for today is mainly on Mekong river. We had a ride on one of these boats while viewing what little is left of their floating market.

Look at this, they practically live on their boat.

I started to notice there's "eyes" on the boats. Can you see it?

We then stopped somewhere along the river to this little village, where they made some local products.

Here you can see how the rice paper is made. My tour guide is by her side explaining the process.

My guide call this "rice popcorn"..AHHAHA.

It tasted AWESOME when I plucked some of hot ones out from the tray after they erm "stir-fry" it. Its actually just like the "bee pang" we have here back home.

They have these bottles of snake wine lined up. And they are giving away free samples. In which I told my dad of, and "encouraged" him to go and try it out 'x'

This is him, before drinking. Saying "cheers"

This is after. AHHAHAA. The expression is PRICELESS.

In the itinerary, its stated that we will need to ride bicycles to our lunch place. I thought that it will be a piece of cake for me since I can ride very well. Expecting it to be mountain bikes. BOY, how I WAS WRONG! THIS IS VIETNAM! They had these black bicycles, with NON-ADJUSTABLE seats, no gear, I think they are from the war times.No photo of it, cos all the taller peoples have left, even the Caucasian teenager is taller than me! WHY OH WHY am I not taller? I should follow my mum! She left riding on a motorcycle. I was the last one cos I was looking around for a bike that I can climb up to. But they all have the same height! I then resorted to SLAPPING on the seat, hoping to make it go lower. FAILED! My dad is yelling at me, asking me to keep up or I will get lost, so guess what did I do?I jump on the bike, and ride on. We soon reach a bridge that is going upwards, and guess what? I pedaled and pedaled and JUST can't go up. So I need to jump down again, and walk over the bridge. My dad is losing his patience and yelling for me to keep up. I was last to arrive at the restaurant, I had to ride my bike onto the wall to stop 'x', the girl working in the restaurant even CHUCKLED, I bet she can ride that antique without any trouble.HMPH.

This is what they call an elephant fish.

Some veges and herbs, I didn't touch any of the herbs. This is suppose to be wrapped together with the fish and sauce in the rice paper sheets.

my pork and vege lunch. The pork is SOOO nice. It reminded me of satay.

After lunch, we had some free time. So I just lie around on a hammock and look at the photos I took.

We were then brought by our guide further into the village.

where we would have another boat ride.

This is Suani, and we are on the same boat. He is also sitting next to me in the tour bus. He is quite funny, for all those questions in English that I asked, he will just nod and say yes if he don't understand even though its a why or how questions. HAHAHA!

This is our young "Gondolier". AHAHAH. Suani kept flirting with her.

It was a pleasant ride. Relaxing, where we look at the village houses by the river.

That's all. We then went back to the hotel with our bus, and most of us were so tired that we slept through the way back.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clean Up Day

Oink and I clean & tidy the house every fortnight. And Mango doesn't like it. Why?

Because its noisy with all the loud sound made by the vacuum. She is a bit afraid of the vacuum, always running away when its near. Sometime she pretends she's cool with it. And runs away, when its 1 cm away from her. AHAHHA. My dog is funny! But I love her so.

That day when we clean up the house, I caught her in this very sad state.

AHAHAHA! this Mango so very the cute. I guess she felt safer there, anything can just jump down to the car porch.

Friday, June 12, 2009


This whole week sleepy don't know why. Before you guess I am pregnant, I am NOT.
I am pretty sure cos now having the time of the month 'x'

its been a long time since I've last blog, cos I don't have much interesting to share. I did a lot reading lately though.

Went to pay doctor a visit this morning for my cough.

This week seem to fly pass me, and now its Friday, and I don't really feel happy.'x'

I need some happy stuff to cheer me up!