Friday, November 30, 2012


You know when people described how much they have shitted after drinking some detox or slimming tea. " I SWEAR I POOP 2kg out!"


I used to think that way too. Until I get myself a digital scale.

Just out of curiosity, I weighed myself before and after my business 'x'

I didn't drink any slimming tea/ detox tea. But I feel that my business is quite weighty. Should contribute to some weight loss. But unfortunately, I weighed the same. But if you pee, it is for sure there will be some weight loss when you weigh yourself on a digital scale.

I tried weighing myself before and after (big business) on other days . And the result is always the same. 


Friday, November 23, 2012

The journey is ending

Tomato will be 6 mths old in a few months. And I am ending my exclusive pumping journey. LOL!! What kind of journey you were thinking when reading the title?? 

It was not easy stopping. Not without feeling some pain. I started by pumping 4 times a day. Once early morning, once during lunch, once after work, and once before sleep. Then by the time Tomato turn 4 and half month old, I cut down one pumping session. Down to 3 sessions. Once early morning, once during lunch, and once before sleeping.By then, Tomato average-ly drinks one formula milk per day. Sometimes 2 formula milk feedings. 

It was when I cut down to 3 sessions that I started to feel pain. Almost everyday I could feel a lump on either breast. And every time after I wore a bra with under wire. But after awhile, the pain also diminishes.

Last week, when Tomato is 5 mths and 2 weeks old, I cancelled off another session. Leaving it down to 2 sessions. Once early morning, once in the evening. On the first day. I leaked. I pumped before having dinner. And that night, I didn't have a good sleep, I dreamed that I was leaking (a lot)  and I can't seem to assemble the pump. LOL. The next day I can still feel the pain. It was after the 3rd day, I can feel that there's no urge to pump. 

A part of me feel elated. Soon I shall have more free time. But a part of me also feel sad. Being able to produce breast milk makes me feel super. Its my super power! Its my best gift to Tomato and soon this gift will be gone. I don't know how to describe this feeling. I think it should be right to say that I have MIXED feelings. XD.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Cat Rain

My mom was not chinese educated. So last week, it was drizzling.

While carrying Tomato, she said  : “ (Tomato's name), 下猫猫雨啊!“

I was like : "What O.O!? Say it again"

Mom : “猫猫雨”

me : “猫 is cat ok?Should be 毛毛雨”

Mom :  "猫猫雨"


if my Tomato grew up speaking funny mandarin, it's her fault 'x'

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Wet Thai Restaurant

If you pass by boulevard to 4th mile, you will notice somewhere just a bit over boulevard, at the opposite side, there's this Thai Restaurant. A Wet Thai Restaurant.

Address here. Didn't know got so many branches at pen. Malaysia.

The restaurant. We arrived quite early. 7pm I think. Still alot people. By the time we left around 8.30 pm. It was practically empty.

What we ordered (3 of us). Tomato just look at us eating. 'x'. From the menu, I can see that there's not much variation to choose. Some don't seem very authentic thai to me even. We ordered Seafood Tom Yam soup (SALTY), Paku stir-fried (SALTY), Papaya salad (NOT FLAVOURFUL enough), and some fried squid thing recommended (OK OK) . The rice was served hot in warmers as you can see in the photo. Each table will get one warmer with rice in it. When you want to eat, just open the lid and take out the rice. That way, your rice will still be hot when you are eating it.

We decided not to go back anymore. Always judge a Thai restaurant based on the tom yam soup!