Friday, November 23, 2012

The journey is ending

Tomato will be 6 mths old in a few months. And I am ending my exclusive pumping journey. LOL!! What kind of journey you were thinking when reading the title?? 

It was not easy stopping. Not without feeling some pain. I started by pumping 4 times a day. Once early morning, once during lunch, once after work, and once before sleep. Then by the time Tomato turn 4 and half month old, I cut down one pumping session. Down to 3 sessions. Once early morning, once during lunch, and once before sleeping.By then, Tomato average-ly drinks one formula milk per day. Sometimes 2 formula milk feedings. 

It was when I cut down to 3 sessions that I started to feel pain. Almost everyday I could feel a lump on either breast. And every time after I wore a bra with under wire. But after awhile, the pain also diminishes.

Last week, when Tomato is 5 mths and 2 weeks old, I cancelled off another session. Leaving it down to 2 sessions. Once early morning, once in the evening. On the first day. I leaked. I pumped before having dinner. And that night, I didn't have a good sleep, I dreamed that I was leaking (a lot)  and I can't seem to assemble the pump. LOL. The next day I can still feel the pain. It was after the 3rd day, I can feel that there's no urge to pump. 

A part of me feel elated. Soon I shall have more free time. But a part of me also feel sad. Being able to produce breast milk makes me feel super. Its my super power! Its my best gift to Tomato and soon this gift will be gone. I don't know how to describe this feeling. I think it should be right to say that I have MIXED feelings. XD.

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