Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I found out that some lessons in life are not really applicable in work like, when ppl did some mistake, they deserve 2nd chance, when ppl did wrongly in their work, they are given a bad record. Don't misunderstood its me in this case, its just stories I collect frm around me.

I'm only 23 (will be 24 this yr, but not yet bday, so I'm still 23..mauhaha) this yr, but i feel like 27. Mayb its because i started to work early. I started work after finishing degree, at the age of 20. Redsponge said i “ming ku”..LOL..but earning money early is a gd thing for me. I came from a middle class family, my parents are people who keep tight to their hard earn money, they wont spend on anything that is unnecessary. Bermanja-manja with them also won't get them to buy what i want. So being a vain girl i am, its good for me to earn my own money and pay for my own stuff (clothes, bags, shoes, HP bills, CC bills, etc) Of cos I spent my hard earned money carefully also. Now, my mum keep borrowing shoes, bags n etc from me.

I personally think there should be a lot of preparation before one stepped into the workforce. My 1st job was not a really tough 1, the only thing is its very far, and i had no internet access, my boss is always not in, and its long working hours there. So i changed job after 3 mths. A change i thought was a bad decision at 1st, but realise the hidden life lessons in it.

My 2nd job was not an easy one. It was full of obstacles, office polictics, gossiping, double-standards by the boss, betrayals,and so on. Seems scary lei.But its true. At least it true for me who had just started to work. I dread the thought of going to work every morning when i need to go to work,unknowing wat lies ahead before me.Can't run also, cos i'm tied to 1 yr contract. I was depressed at work. I binged. YES, i gained a lot of weight there. I just can't wait for one year to pass. I learnt how to survive here, it help me grow. At last my chance came, i planned my time carefully, and sent out my job applications. A month later, i was called for interview. I had another interview after that, and i got the job. I tendered in my resignation. But instead of slacking of at work since i'll be leaving anyway, i decided to leave gracefully, i tried to hand over my stuff as best as i could to the staff who will replace me. I finished all jobs in hand. I offered help to my boss when he needs it. On my last day at work, i got quite a few goodbye emails, most were very touching. I sat on my chair, n thought back on the people who had helped me, who didn't look down on me, who offered their friendship when I needed it. I made friends frm different age groups here. I learnt that we need to ask to be given answer. I was a very introvert person when i was younger, but i slowly crawled out frm the invisible shell i built. Am still crawling today though. I built it too thick liao..LOL.

As for my current job, I met pinkcotton and redsponge, wen n fel while working here. I found gd friendship here. He found me here*keke* (pinkcotton must say i bey siao lee liao after reading this sentence) :-p Its a challenging job, it can sometime be frustrating and time consuming, but which job is easy?NONE. Which working place has NO office politics?NONE as well. But at least everywhere i work, I found friends. Friend are those who are there for you when u need it. Well, who are there for most of the times lah..LOL!!

Until next time.Cya!~

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sri Shan Curry & Such

I keep coming back to this place. Why?because of this:

YUMMY CURRY LAMB! Its SPICY, nice and tender!

Jackie gave me 6 mini chocolates of different tastes, actually its 5 chocs and 1 jelly- like candy.

Lindt. Its sounds very familiar to me. Now where did i hear about this brand?hmm

The jelly-like candy

Oh ya, it was Jackie's engagement last Vday. And this is the candy box. Nice hor


I know its a bit late for this entry, but since redsponge and pinkcotton was writing it, plus since i'm free now, i shall blog about it too.KEKE.

My bf was very secretive about our Vday celebration. He won't tell me wat he had planned.

so on the very day, the 1st thing i asked when i got in his car is "Where are we going?" He said We will go Green Rd eat moi, the i asked back " Green RD got place eat moi meh?" Then i notice he was heading towards pending, then i said "eh, grn rd is the other way lah", the he said "OOOHH, wrong way, bo pien, we go pending eat sea food lah"...then i notice he took another route, the.n i asked him again. This time he keke said "ohh, another wrong turn, bo pien, we go crown tower lo. Then i knew where he want to bring me liao.

When we arrived, the car park was full.A wedding going on mayb? Then we proceeded to Tempayan, my cols dun really like Tempayan bcos of a previous unpleasant lunch.LOL..but i tink its rather nice this time wor. It has to be nice, its like RM70 per person!!so $!

We were 1st to arrive. 2 other couples arrived soon after that. My bf chose Tempayan bcos he said he's sure that we will have more privacy and there wont be lots of ppl.

we get to choose our own main course frm 3 selections, i forgot the names, but it has love word in it. But actually it was beef, grilled salmon n chicken breast. I chose beef, my bf chose grilled salmon. :-)

we had our appetisers 1st. It was a dish with prawns n mussels. I dun really like mussels, but since its rm70 per person, i just eat it anyway lah..LOL

then we had pumpkin n carrot soup.I 4got the actual name. I'm sure its has a mushy name for it. The soup was BRAVO!
You can actually see the two tones of the different vege. I like the pumpkin side more, so i finish up the carrot side first , n sip the pumpkin side slowly. NICE!

My beef was nice oso, its not hard, it has cheese btw the chunks, there were to piece u see, n in btw was a cheese!i love cheese!But the photo i took of it was dark so i wont put it up here...:-p

my cocktail n white wine, the cocktail is complimentary for all ladies..:-)

Finally, our dessert!!Tiramisu!!Tiramisu is not one of my fav, but i tried it anyway, and it was NICE! its was soft n creamy..yumm..

I brought a chocolate bar with liquor filling that i had bought frm Johor, but we were too full to eat that. :-p

After dinner, we took photos, we walked here n there to take photos, but only a few spots was bright enough. I tink we were the only active couple, moving here n there, talking loud2. LOL

Anyway, it was a very memorable dinner.

After that, it's gift exchange time!

I painted something for him.KEKE..redsponge n pinkcotton n not to 4get wen have requested me to show them THE painting. So here it is:
Ok, pinkcotton probably will laughed now. not sure about the other 2. mayb they'll laugh too. The flower petals is finger painted by me, the rest i use brush though.

The painting was NO ordinary paining. There's a secret BEHIND it.KEKE. Besides this i got him a perfume too.

I wont tell here wat i got frm him, as pinkcotton, redsponge, fel n wen oredi knew wat i got.:-)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I have my own chatterbox now!!

So happy!!because of pinkcotton, i have my own chatterbox as well!
My CNY holidays

This should be the busiest CNY i ever had. For the first 3 days, i went for visiting. A lot of visiting. The weather was clear for these days, a bit too hot perhaps. Then i thought of my previous years of CNY celebrations. I always sit in house only at those times, rusting, as I have very protective parents, and I was not allowed to drive also. But now i can drive as long as mum's not using her car, and I have more friends to hang out with now. I am more happy now. Besides, now i have a special someone that my parents approved of as well. :-) Well, this special some one also pandai ambil hati my parents laaa..LOL

We went to watch "Fearless" on the 4th day of CNY, after visiting one of my bf's fren's house. She served us absolute Vodka with sprite (maybe there's a name for this drink?) and it tasted not bad..

"Fearless" was one of those worth to watch movie available on the market now. I learnt a few moral lessons from the movie, that is not to be too "hao seng" (want to win always), as the act will hurt those closes to you. That we should always be modest, and think b4 you leap. And that a friend in need, is trully a friend indeed. In the movie, Huo Yuan Jia (Jet Li) lost his loved ones and everything after he accidentally beat a rival to death, as the opponent's god son revenge on him by killing his mother and only daughter. He was devastated, and ran away from home. He was enlightened about life at a small village and went back home. Every one has left him. But his housekeeper is still there waiting for him..and his childhood friend willing to sell of his business, just to help him extablish a martial arts school to help the country. Well what i wrote is only a summarised version. Go catch the movie, its worth it.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A sweet dedication

Just chatted with my close gal pal, Jen via MSN. Her bf dedicated a blog to her. How sweet....mayb u guys out there can copy his idea, dedicate a blog and pronounce ur love publicly..LOL...its sweet and better yet..its FREE!!

here's the URL:

Muse.. Muse.. My Muse..

where are you? I got no inspiration to write lately..:-(