Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I found out that some lessons in life are not really applicable in work like, when ppl did some mistake, they deserve 2nd chance, when ppl did wrongly in their work, they are given a bad record. Don't misunderstood its me in this case, its just stories I collect frm around me.

I'm only 23 (will be 24 this yr, but not yet bday, so I'm still 23..mauhaha) this yr, but i feel like 27. Mayb its because i started to work early. I started work after finishing degree, at the age of 20. Redsponge said i “ming ku”..LOL..but earning money early is a gd thing for me. I came from a middle class family, my parents are people who keep tight to their hard earn money, they wont spend on anything that is unnecessary. Bermanja-manja with them also won't get them to buy what i want. So being a vain girl i am, its good for me to earn my own money and pay for my own stuff (clothes, bags, shoes, HP bills, CC bills, etc) Of cos I spent my hard earned money carefully also. Now, my mum keep borrowing shoes, bags n etc from me.

I personally think there should be a lot of preparation before one stepped into the workforce. My 1st job was not a really tough 1, the only thing is its very far, and i had no internet access, my boss is always not in, and its long working hours there. So i changed job after 3 mths. A change i thought was a bad decision at 1st, but realise the hidden life lessons in it.

My 2nd job was not an easy one. It was full of obstacles, office polictics, gossiping, double-standards by the boss, betrayals,and so on. Seems scary lei.But its true. At least it true for me who had just started to work. I dread the thought of going to work every morning when i need to go to work,unknowing wat lies ahead before me.Can't run also, cos i'm tied to 1 yr contract. I was depressed at work. I binged. YES, i gained a lot of weight there. I just can't wait for one year to pass. I learnt how to survive here, it help me grow. At last my chance came, i planned my time carefully, and sent out my job applications. A month later, i was called for interview. I had another interview after that, and i got the job. I tendered in my resignation. But instead of slacking of at work since i'll be leaving anyway, i decided to leave gracefully, i tried to hand over my stuff as best as i could to the staff who will replace me. I finished all jobs in hand. I offered help to my boss when he needs it. On my last day at work, i got quite a few goodbye emails, most were very touching. I sat on my chair, n thought back on the people who had helped me, who didn't look down on me, who offered their friendship when I needed it. I made friends frm different age groups here. I learnt that we need to ask to be given answer. I was a very introvert person when i was younger, but i slowly crawled out frm the invisible shell i built. Am still crawling today though. I built it too thick liao..LOL.

As for my current job, I met pinkcotton and redsponge, wen n fel while working here. I found gd friendship here. He found me here*keke* (pinkcotton must say i bey siao lee liao after reading this sentence) :-p Its a challenging job, it can sometime be frustrating and time consuming, but which job is easy?NONE. Which working place has NO office politics?NONE as well. But at least everywhere i work, I found friends. Friend are those who are there for you when u need it. Well, who are there for most of the times lah..LOL!!

Until next time.Cya!~


Red Sponge said...

Think positively, there is always some values behind a story. It is the matter when we realise it. If we can discover it earlier, we can live happier.

Pink Cotton said...

KHIK!.im amazed why u owes can read my mind n know wat i will think when i read your post..wahahaha!

im quite touched by ur post la..hee..but ho...i cant help but notice that you mentioned that one of the reasons ur first company was tough was bcos there was no internet connection???Kekekeek

tat is sth new!! nxt time when we go for job interview..interviewer asks us...U HAVE ANY QUESTIONS??



just a joke .. :D

Red Sponge..don u think 13thPanda seldom cekik us now!?!?

13th Panda said...

CIS, tiok ma..i was developing company website, and i cannot test it online wor..everytime i reached certain milestone, i'll have to ask him test on his laptop which have a DIAL UP line n he will have to shout back frm his doorles office the result.

Hey, mcm i didn't say my 1st comp is taough lerrr..its NOT tough..its quite relaxing actually

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