Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Health Conscious

My bf and i decided to eat healthier, an dindirectly save money and have more cooking experience. So we decided to cook breakfast on Saturdays and keep having breakfast out once a month.

And on every monday, i will cook lunch for 2, and we will eat my cooking. LOL.On on Tues, i will bring own lunchbox and eat in office.:-P

We started last last Saturday. And our theme were American was easiest ma..actually if you do read my prev post, there's one about my bf making me american breakfast...and i ever cooked breakfast for him as well (e.g porridge)
we went shopping on the nite before, and my bf insist on the hash browns although i said its actually like french fries. But it was good

Our american breakfast
Home Made Garlic Bread..*thumbs up*

My bf wanted to cook me porridge for breakfast last saturday. He was busy preparing on friday nite, chopping chicken,boiling it and etc. And finally put everything into slowcooker and cook it overnight. So on Saturday morning, went to his house for breakfast. He took out a plate, put in some kikoman (dunno spelling correct bor)soy sauce, scoop the porridge onto my plate, and sprinkle on with some chopped tung cai and garlic oil (he actually chopped the garlic!)..

*talking about kikoman soy sauce, my bf's mum only buys that brand, she said healthier..

my bf cooked this chicken porridge.

I love the texture, very soft!

Since today is a monday, i brought lunch and heat it up in office, then redsponge, fel and mr.redsponge came and tried to have a peep on wat i have brought. I won't let them. here i load up one of the dish and let them see lah. I wanted to use chicken meat with the broccoli, but mum not buying any chicken since the ourbreak of bird flu.HMM...and we are not suppose to heat non halal food with the microwave i've replaced the chicken meat with hotdogs..LOL!


Red Sponge said...

I will bring the rice on Next Monday and Tuesday!! Do not forget to prepare more dish, ya! LOL

Pink Cotton said...

hash brown is nice!!!