Friday, March 03, 2006

She was just 15

The nite before yesterday, i answered a call from aunty Susan, she was looking for my mum but mum was out. So when mum was back, i asked to call Aunt Susan back. But she didn't pick up her phone. So she called her other colleague to find out, as my mum rarely receive a call that late from a colleague. After talking on the phone. She told us Aunty Susan's youngest daughter passed away that day. I was shocked!How could that be, she's still so young. I asked my mum wat happened to her. She's not sure.
The next day, my mum told me Aunty Susan's daughter passed away because of Sudden Death. She went to school as usual that day, went home and felt a bit sick, she took a nap and cough a bit. After a while, the dad notice how come the daughter became so quiet. He wanted to wake her up, but Aunty Susan said better let her take her rest in peace. Around 5pm, Aunty Susan starts to cook dinner, and suddenly heard a very loud choking noise, she rushed to her daughter's room. Shocked to find her mouth covered with white foam. They quickly rush her to hospital but the doctor said it was too late. :-(
She was so young, just 15. :-((( An advise to all is take good care of our health. Don't hesitate to go and see a doctor if u suspect anything.
Take care. Exercise more, eat healthier and be more optimistic.


Red Sponge said...

Aiyer, very scary. Doctor dunno wat happen also?

13th Panda said...

don't know ler. Doctor already categorise it as Sudden Death wor.

but she liked to eat fast food (kfc, pizza, etc)

Pink Cotton said...

omg omg omg ... fast food??? *gulp*

is she err....big sized?

13th Panda said...

pink cotton : Yes, she was.