Monday, March 27, 2006

My last weekend

We brought mango on her weekly walk to the Hui Sing park last saturday..we walked at the places where there is less ppl..cos she tend to forget that she is on leash, and wanted to prounce on ppl each time a stranger pass by while barking. One particular uncle got shocked because of her.LOL..this Mango really “bu zhi liang li”, so small size want to tackle bigger size beings.TSK TSK TSK. Anyway, i tink mango had her first crush that evening..Usually when doggie meets, they sniff each other out...NOT on the butt mind u...its on the nose 1st, carefully, with approx 1cm apart..they sniffed and stared at each other. I didn't know the shih tzu she's sniifing at was a male..until the owner lifted him up after he refused to be apart from my was then i saw the XX..LOL...It was such a beautiful scene when they sniffed each other, with the sunset as back was like in the movie..when the actor and actress about to kiss..LOL..sayang i didn't bring my camera...when i remembered my bf's cam phone, it was too late...the shih tzu was away playing slides with the owners...but before he left..he was still gazing at my mango so attractive like the owner (ME)..LOL..ok..just bf said that is mango's “chu lian”..i giggled..

On sunday, it was too hot to be at i went out with my bf to Saberkas..we were lepak-ing, aimlessly...until we got a bf seem shocked...his mum had a car accident, and hurt herself on the head.@@! We quickly rush to the was raining then, when we were there, we saw the 2 cars..wrecked on the front, my bf's mum was in another car, holding a tissue on her forehead, her shirt has drops and patches of blood. I was shocked indeed. Apparently, the other car was driving 60/70 km/h down the road in THE MIDDLE of the lane when my bf's sis was turning into the lane, resulting the 2 cars knocked each other on the head. That creep!thought the road is his meh?!The impact made my bf's sis car seem she's the one who knocked him! The other car driver even asked his friends come to help him...HAH!want to scare us meh?he havn't meet tiok my bf's dad, although he will be 60 his year, he's still HIONG oso..LOL...BTW, we met a very unconsiderate lady, she was driving her silver kancil, stopped at the junction, and yelled that if got problem, pls settle elsewhere, don't block her way home, as IF there's no other way home like that...the car already damaged, cannot move liao...she still BARK stupid..but in the end, she got yelled back by my bf's dad n bro in law..LOL..baru then she drove n my bf proceeded to send the injured to the nearest hospital...the Kuching Specialist Centre. By that time, his sis is stil shocked and crying. My bf requested for a scan on the skull for his mum to make sure she is ok, thank god she is ok and only required some stitches. The sis done some urine test and she was ok too. The aunt only had some bruises on her leg. While they are being treated, me and my bf helped them register, the aunt who is an Australian left her passport in she gave me her driving license instead. I asked my bf go and accompany his family while i do the registation..I know he is very worried..he loves his mum very much... We went for dinner that night, as a farewell dinner to her aunty and her ang moh frens, also to “makan selamat”. I tink my bf's mum is very tough and brave, she still can ask the nurse wat type of bandage they have and pick what she wants..LOL...and after her stitch, instead of lying down, she sat up..and this morning she went for a jog!@@!..LOL..but my mum is tough as well..i tink mums are all tough hor.. For me, i cant bear pain...i will cry when in too much pain..lousy me..:-P

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