Monday, March 13, 2006

Cooking curry is not easy

I've promised my bf i will cook him curry since like last year ..LOL

So on Sunday morning, we went to the market to buy our supplies for curry. I had to call my mum to make sure i didn't miss anything.

We decided to cook lamb curry. We searched through whole kenyalang market and only managed to find 3 brinjals!! i wonder why, but my bf was determined to find some brinjals for i love to have them in my curry...:-)

so we found some brinjals at upwell supermarket along jln song as we went there to get our mutton.:-)

Later i found out that cooking good curry is not easy, i like my curry to be hot enough. So beside the curry paste...i needed some other ingredients as well.Luckily i had my mum as my sifu..:-)

I love my mum's curry, it is the best!

So, with my mum's guidance, soon, the curry aroma filled the nice..i'm damn proud.

With a whole pot of curry, there's extras for me to bring for lunch on the next day and give some for my bf. :-) my bf came to take it after he had his usual Sunday Basketball session..

The photo is a bit blur though...but it sure smell nice..:-) *proud*

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Oink said...

more curry please ...:P