Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am in such a good mood now. Thank you PM najib for declaring tomorrow as a PH. I am so happy that I've decided to blog 'x'.

I have been meaning to blog about this since afew weeks ago. But I got lazy, then a string of events happened.

26.11.2010 was our 3rd wedding anniversary. I can't believe we are married for 3 yrs now. 3 yrs of ups and downs, mostly ups :)

Of course to celebrate the important dates, we always do it by "MAKAN". This time I suggested we go to Raintree at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). Jackie raved about this place to me. How great the wait staff was. How great the food was. And since I have never been there, I think why not?

After we pan leng leng, we left for BCCK. Along the way, we got lost a few times (it was a rainy night), but end up oso manage to arrive safely (THANK GOD) 'x'

Hi there! *wink wink wink*

Jackie didn't tell me got live music too! What a surprise. The lady can sing really well. While waiting for our order to arrive, the friendly staff gave us some mini-bun-thingy. There are 2 types, poppy seed and wholemeal.

I chose poppy seeds. Oink took the whole meal one. This little bun looks small but tasted great! but we don't dare to eat too much, afraid that we won't have enough space left for the main course.

Oink's drink. Mocha something. Forgive me for I can't remember. :-p

I remembered mine! Ginger-ale.

I ordered lobster bisque as appetizer. Oink didn't order any.

But the staff are so thoughtful, they divided it into 2 shares.Again, yums!

Ok, this is what Oink had for his main course. Lamb something 'x' Again I can't remember. AHAHAH! Done medium. Tasted OMG-ly yummylicious. Tender! Juicy! Flavourful!

And this is mine. Fillet Mignon. Can only remember own order 'x'. For the first few bites, I think Oink's lamb tasted better. But as I continued eating mine, the meat gets tastier and tastier. YUMMS! Oh! have i told you that their mashed potato was the BEST i ever tasted? Simply creamy! I love how it melts in your mouth.

No dessert after that, too full already 'x'

The total bill came up to RM180+, can't remember exacty how much. But its soo worthed. Great food, great ambience, great service. Waayyy better than Jambu. Will definitely go again.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A friend lost

Just soon after lunch yesterday, a close friend of mine suddenly message me. She said just now someone claiming to be X's wife called her and told her X has passed away and now X's body is at GH. O.O! I was shocked, I still asked her are you sure? How sure are you??!!She then said she has a briefing to attend and ask me to investigate the matter. I called another friend and she seemed shocked too and asked me not to simply scare her. But because she works in the hospital, she can get info easier than me. After waiting for my hp to make any sound anxiously while hopping the news is untrue, my friend called me back, to confirm the news. Its so sudden! I cannot believe it! I just saw him 2 wks ago! At another friend's wedding! This can't be true! He just got married one year ago! Still so young! Life is soo... fragile :(