Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Haze is BACK again


Its hazy again.

Can't go jog at the park.

Can't stay outdoor for too long.

People are down with sickness such as headache, sore throat and etc.

And its super hot now. :-(

A hot panda is not a happy panda.

i hope tomorrow won't be as hot as today. :-(

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sushi.Sashimi. Tempura. Californian Maki!

WAHAHAHHA. We went to the Japanese Buffet at Cafe Majestic last night. MMM~

As usual, the place is packed with people. To ensure you will have a seat. It is better than you book a table with them first.

There's a wide selection of japanese food for you to choose from and there's also mouth watering desserts, ice cream and not to forget the chocolate fountain..MMM~~


I saw a lady picking several rambutan-like fruits, so i picked up 2 too. *rub chin* It looks like rambutan, but the "bulu" more "lebat" ler.

aha! mystery solved!

It really is rambutan afterall

Not sweet enough the rambutan :-/

We left the cafe with don't know how much kg heavier, and wallets don't know how much gram lighter. LOL

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Have u ever seen a sleep deprived panda?

Well, here got one. Which is me. LOL. But unfortunately I won't show u guys my face here.LOL!!

Lately froggie keep asking me i didn't sleep at night is it? YES, i've been sleeping late lately.

I forgot what i did on monday & tuesday night. Last night and tonight, I was doing my jigsaw puzzle. *backache* *VISION blurred*

Busy. A lot of work at office. And i haven't started my other job. *SIGH* BRAIN.CAN'T. FUNCTION.PROPERLY. :-(

I want a holiday la.

May be i should sleep earlier!

Talking about sleeping...

That day i saw my dream bed. Yes i have a dream bed. Ppl can have a dream house, dream car, dream mate, etc, so i can have dream bed as well. >:-D

I am quite hesistant to post up the photo. Because ppl always presume that when you go look at beds, means you want to get married liao. -.-"

I just like to look at these kind of stuff. Nothing wrong right?@.@

Canopy Bed

I fancy canopy bed. Its like a bed for princess to me. So pweeettyyy~~ * DREAMING* :-)

but hor, this set that i saw cost more than rm9k (inclusive of bed, dressing table, cabinet ,etc). :-/ so expensive. Mayb the bed alone niah already 4k like that. @.@

Too expensive la.

hmm, mayb i can make my own with bamboos..LOL!!hmm, not a bad idea ler.:-p

ok la..i am tired liao.Sleepy!

Gd nite! Sweet Dreams~

p/s: tomorrow is Friday!YAY!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

How Young Is Your Heart?

Its the theme for this year's World's Heart Day in Malaysia.

We went to Taman Budaya before 5.30, registered ourselves and got our t-shirts and lucky numbers(for lucky draw).

Then we sat there, waiting for the event to start.

We wore the T-shirt over our own. There's no place to change.

Near dawn

We waited and waited. For the VIPs to come. Then they yadda yadda, bla bla bla (gave speech).

I was miracously awake throughout the session.Not sleepy at all.:-)

Before we started to walk a mile.We did some warm up exercise first. It was quite fun actually to exercise with so many ppl. We laughed and exercised. I think there's more than 250 ppl there.

Then off we go for our one mile walk. The one mile walk consist of 2 rounds around the Taman Budaya's amphitheatre.

Its an easy walk. A mile is not very far actually, by the 2nd round, we started to sweat a bit.

As we finished the 2nd round, we r given water.But we were told not to drink them so soon. We need to relax a while before drinking. We are also served with Omega 3's millk by Nestle. I didn't finished it, i don't like cold milk. I like my milk warm, or at least its not cold. Oink drank 2 cups of it.He liked them.

Then we get to learn line dancing. YUP!that's right! we line danced, taught by a few pretty ladies up in the stage. It was quite fun, Oink was dancing while making monkey-like face.LOL. Meanwhile, i danced stiffly. I still feel shy to dance in the public like that.But soon i get to enjoy it and soften my moves.

Next its "tai chi" demonstration by our "warga emas" (senior citizen).

After they did some warm up, they start doing the tai chi routines. I followed.

The instructions went "breathe in~~~~breathe out~~~"

Once i breathe in *taking a deep breath*


Got the smell of sweat!


So i was following the tai chi movements, while Oink was, sitting there, sleeping. ¬.¬ "'

There was 12 hampers to give away. But my lucky number didn't get picked!

My number was 28, but 27 got picked.GRRR.

Never mind~~At least they give away breakfast.:-)

MMM, at least the milk ain't cold.

And we're also given balloons.

HMM, gd to poing Mango with. *EVIL LAUGHTER*

So have you exercised today? Remember, eat healthily, stay cheerful, exercise regularly, and pls try to stop smoking. Ingatlah orang yang tersayang.

HMM, chocolate cake anyone?

*blush* hehehe

Anyway the cake wasn't very nice.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Day Today

Got rm10 coupons to INTIFEST today. So Oink and I went there at around 8.40am. It was raining a bit then.

The stalls certainly was lesser than the prev yrs. And a lot of new faces now.

We bought these:

We only had rm10 coupons. But we ended up spending more that the coupons' value!!LOL!!

*SIGH*talking about saving money.

aloe vera drink:rm2
nasi kuning:rm4

TOTAL: 27.50


Everywhere we turn, we met Intians we knew that coaxed us to buy stuff from them. HAHA.

The doughnut was heavenly, i love sweet stuff.:-)

I don't really like the nasi kuning though, I should buy the spaghetti. I spotted a really nice purple stone bracelet at the fest. Feel tempted to buy it, but i didn't in the end.hmm..

After the fest, i did some planting and went to nap.

I had a nightmare during my nap. It woke me up. Its terrifying. Its a long story, but to cut it short, its about me, protecting my hand bag frm being grabbed by some dirty, shabby looking thief. i was so scared, i cried in the dream.LOL.*Phew* luckily its a only a nightmare. It sure seems and feels real.

When i woke up.Its 1.57 pm already! My *@&#@# HP didn't work.I set alarm with it and it wasn't working!

I jumped up from the bed and quick2 rush to get ready. I made a date with Oren to go for hair cut together at 2pm! I quick2 sms her telling her i might be late.:-p

So my hair is not till waist now..Its just above my waist. I owes tell the hair stylists to try trim my hair off 1 inch only..LOL! I love long hair. It takes me a long time to grow it like how it is today. *sayang my hair* HAHAHHA!

Mango loves my hair too. She likes to EAT them.Dunno why. Silly Mango. Because of this, she always have trouble having her faeces stuck on her butt, cos the hair in the butt keeps the faeces frm falling to the ground. She always panicked when in such situation. Keep squatting at different places, hoping the yucky stuff will drop off.HAHHAHA!!

I had beef noodle at open air tonight.MMM, satisfying.

Tomorrow i shall join the walk a mile event at Taman Budaya for World Heart's day. Have to be there by 5.30am.So better sleep earlier tonight.



and Sweet Dreams!hehe

Friday, September 15, 2006



I can get online. Its about time!streamyx has keep me waiting!



This post will be a longer than the rest because its a combination of the entries that I should post a few days ago. But the network was down!

1st I would like to wish all September babies a very happy birthday!

Oink and Mango (our pug) are spetember babies too.

Happy Birthday Oink!

We went to AHA to celebrate. We were never there before.So we decided to check it out.
I like the friendly staff, and the decor. :-)

And i loveee this:

Their mushroom soup

It is best drink when still hot. MM..If the bun was roasted longer, its should be better. MMM.

We ordered lamb chop and salsa grilled salmon too. But i bet u guys ate alot of these already, so there's no need to post up the photos eh? :-p

I dun really like salmons. Except if they appear as sashimi..LOL!!

We didn't know on exactly which date did mango came into this world. But should be around the same time as Oink's Birth's DAY. So my mango is officially one years old now.:-) Such a big girl already.

We brought her to a nearby pet shop and let her see fishes (1st time alive swimming in glass tanks). Oh ya, my mango knows how to eat fish and vege. :-P she is a gullible pug.

We bought her this at the shop. Guess what is it?LOL

Its a drumstick-like-chew-toy. The red colourings smudges when in contact with fluid. :-(. It made red spots on my floor. And my dad thought mango was having her period. I had to mop the floor lo. :-(

NAWWW. Its the chew toy after a few days.LOL.A drumstick without the stick!LOL.Hmm..looks a bit like bun though.HAHA

OH ya, last few weeks, on a sunday, i went to Koreana for lunch with bellsring. She said the place is not bad. So we went there.

This is what we had.

I can't remember the exact names. But i ordered a spicy bulgogi, bellsring ordered kim chi soup i guess?But i don't fancy kimchi. They are served with wonderful side dishes and rice.:-)

I love korean's long spoon and fork. I think they are pretty.:-p

My bulgogi was really nice.Spicy to my liking. YUMMY!

When we left, the place was pratically packed with other koreans already.I didn't know Kuching has alot of Koreans.LOL

It was a nice lunch. :-) and of course we went shopping after that.MUAHAHHAA.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I can't online at home.:-( They say it will get back to normal on Friday.

So i blog here from office. A very short post.

Last night i was very angry, and sad. Not because of oink. Its someone else. But I can't reveal here. :-p

Today I am working half day only. YAY! COSSSS... i got something important to do this afternoon. KEKE. What is it that is so important?sorry, can't tell also..LOL!!

Till then~

CU SOON! :-))

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I can't online at all on saturday

*SIGHHHH* I tried to online since afternoon, yesterday, but didn't manage to.

Can't blog, can't chat, can't play online game. *BORED*

I was so bored, i finished a book in one afternoon. HMM, luckily it was a good book. Good enough to make me stay awake. I was suppose to go play badminton in the afternoon with Oren and her friends, but one of her friends cant' make it, and we cancelled the session bcos not enough kaki.

Then at nite, around 11++pm,onelazybone called me and we talked on the phone till 1++am.LOL! When she called me, I was playing spider solitare. What to do?i was bored and I can't get online.

Now i blog from office. Its such a pain in the a$$ to blog from here...the page loading was slow, even to get into create post page i need to refresh lots of time. &*#@&*#

I hope later when i am at home, i can go online, if not i want to complain liao.

Till next time when i can go online~


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

how many SCOOPS you want?

Its hot tonight.

So we headed down to a bar in town.

A gelato bar!HAHA!

Look at the array of gelatos!yummy! Just nice for a hot night. They let u taste 1st before u decide on which gelato u want. They will scoop a small spoonful for you to taste. There's tiramisu, chocolate chip, banana cheese, marshmallow, blueberry cream, rashberry sorbet ...etc.. etc

we ordered:

Rm12. Its very sweet, served with chocolate cake. MMMM~yummy~ I like!

Rm5 (one scoop). Its just nice, not very sweet,very fragrant. I like it too! :-)

The ambience

Nice hor?

I will visit them again. :-P

We left rm17 poorer but it was pure indulgence~:-)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Mango and The Fly

This happened one day after dinner, sometime last week. Mango was her usual self, doing her hobby that is sniffing around the living room. She will sniff at every corner and every inch of the house, hoping to find some food i presume? Then her sniffing got vigourous when she reach the edge of one of the furniture.Then she jumped back, and shook her head hard. Then she came to me for help..i saw there's something black caught on her whisker.She was cross eyed when she came to me..HAHAHA..her pupils concentrating on that black thing caught on her whisker. Her expression was something like the following photo..only that the fly was on her whisker, not a ladybird on the nose.

This is NOT mango, i found this photo on the net..

So when i looked closer at what it was, its actually a fly caught on a cobweb and had gotten caught on mango's whisker...I remove them frm her whisker. But the fly is still stuck on the cobweb. And the cobweb was stuck on the wall.

So the fly struggled to free itself.I was observing what mango will do next. She slowly approached the fly, then sniffed at it from a distance. Then she lift her paw and wanted to touch (more like scratching) the fly...but her action actually freed the fly..the fly flew away happily. Mango was bewildered. She couldn't believe her toy was gone. She sniffed and sniffed at the spot where the fly were at the 1st place. Not there. She sniffed at the floor, under the chairs, under the table, every inch of the floor but still no sign of her beloved fly. Then she went back to the wall again..staring at it, sniffing at it, scratching at the wall, hoping the fly will appear. But it didn't. Then she repeated the whole process of sniff-search-scratch-the wall again and again until she got tired. Still no fly. I am amused by her behaviour.Silly Mango.HAHA

Moral of the story: Once you lost something that do not wish to be belong to you, you will never find it again at the same place.

*BUZZ* fly passed by


Friday, September 01, 2006


by Pink Cotton!

Ok. Here are 6 random facts about me.

1. I am always sleepy (except when I'm having fun :-p). I have dark circles problem..I've tried eye creams, cucumbers, tea bags, and EVEN papaya...nothing really works..:-( Thus I always look like a panda, hence the "panda" in my blog's name. Any beauty secrets to share on how to cure panda eyes?:-P

2. My favourite number in the world is 13. I was born on the 13th day. Ppl view it as unlucky number, but not for me!I had them in my HP no, my blog (name), my email addresses. KEKEKE

3. PPL say i look fierce when I am not smiling.HMM~ I think i do look a little bit fierce judging frm my IC's photo. LOL!!! But that makes my smiles more precious. RIGHT? RIGHT?RIGHT? I may look COLD outside, but I'm WARM inside..HAHAHA....Some of my new made friends said "Hey u r so talkative..all this while I thought U r a quiet person" WAHHAHA..looks can be deceiving..:-p

4. REDSPONGE said i can be a gd wife, because I'm gd at financial planning. Actually she want to say me stingy must be!!CIS! Yes, I do plan my spendings every month. But that won't work once I'm at KL/ SG/ anywhere else that 's good to shop.:-p

5. MOST of the time I am health conscious. WHY?because I don't want to end up like my dad, he can't have too much meat now, he has to watch his diet cos he has gout.Before he was even 50. Sometimes when the condition is serious, he can't even walk properly.So I think health is very important. PINK COTTON made me write the following sentence: I always order AIR SUAM when going out for lunches. But sometimes I order Barli Suam also ler.CIS! not that I'm a cheapskate la. Its becos the other drinks are loaded with sugar. I don't want ah.

6. I love spicy food. Luckily Oink also can take spicy food. *WINK* The spiciest chili i ever tried is "cili gunung". Its like latern shape, small n wrinkly. sorry, i can't find any photos on it. :-p

OK!i tag miracle8, and Oren. HEHEHE