Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Day Today

Got rm10 coupons to INTIFEST today. So Oink and I went there at around 8.40am. It was raining a bit then.

The stalls certainly was lesser than the prev yrs. And a lot of new faces now.

We bought these:

We only had rm10 coupons. But we ended up spending more that the coupons' value!!LOL!!

*SIGH*talking about saving money.

aloe vera drink:rm2
nasi kuning:rm4

TOTAL: 27.50


Everywhere we turn, we met Intians we knew that coaxed us to buy stuff from them. HAHA.

The doughnut was heavenly, i love sweet stuff.:-)

I don't really like the nasi kuning though, I should buy the spaghetti. I spotted a really nice purple stone bracelet at the fest. Feel tempted to buy it, but i didn't in the end.hmm..

After the fest, i did some planting and went to nap.

I had a nightmare during my nap. It woke me up. Its terrifying. Its a long story, but to cut it short, its about me, protecting my hand bag frm being grabbed by some dirty, shabby looking thief. i was so scared, i cried in the dream.LOL.*Phew* luckily its a only a nightmare. It sure seems and feels real.

When i woke up.Its 1.57 pm already! My *@&#@# HP didn't work.I set alarm with it and it wasn't working!

I jumped up from the bed and quick2 rush to get ready. I made a date with Oren to go for hair cut together at 2pm! I quick2 sms her telling her i might be late.:-p

So my hair is not till waist now..Its just above my waist. I owes tell the hair stylists to try trim my hair off 1 inch only..LOL! I love long hair. It takes me a long time to grow it like how it is today. *sayang my hair* HAHAHHA!

Mango loves my hair too. She likes to EAT them.Dunno why. Silly Mango. Because of this, she always have trouble having her faeces stuck on her butt, cos the hair in the butt keeps the faeces frm falling to the ground. She always panicked when in such situation. Keep squatting at different places, hoping the yucky stuff will drop off.HAHHAHA!!

I had beef noodle at open air tonight.MMM, satisfying.

Tomorrow i shall join the walk a mile event at Taman Budaya for World Heart's day. Have to be there by 5.30am.So better sleep earlier tonight.



and Sweet Dreams!hehe


Pink Cotton said...

WAH so long post...
erm erm ...think of what to say..

oh...i went to inti fest late...n got nothing to buy liao..boohooohooo
and emr what else...



whahahhahah y she so suku go eat ur hair...eww i wanto blueks 'x'


Chen said...

your hair smell very nice kua?
tat's why mango makan :)

zeroimpact said...

I like long hair too
But mine longest until back only
I also want to keep until waist

Simple American said...

The fest sounded nice. A lot of food there to eat at one time. I likes donuts too and I got the jelly stuffing to prove it. :)

Wow! Your hair is so long. Long is cool. My girls don't have long hair though. :(

Have fun on your walk.

Selba said...

whoaaa.. you got nasi kuning!!! :D

13th Panda said...

pink cotton: u sud go w/o waiting for that someone..:-p..hehe kidding. Ya lo..this mango dunno why like my hair so much.

chen:hmm~~mayb hor?

zeroimpact: Jia You!Jia You!Sure u can, but long hair hard to maintain.

simple american::-) Thanks! The walk was quite fun.

selba: nasi kuning at ur place might be better.:-D

Red Sponge said...


dun wan to touch ur hair liao...


zeroimpact said...

Yah difficult to maintain...
Must wash hair everyday
Condition once in 2 or 3 days
Last time i condition everyday
And then have to tie nicely with the right rubber not the rubber band for nasi lemak

13th Panda said...

redsponge: WAHAHHAHA..u always touch the top part ler..not that i don't wash my hair ler.CIS

zeroimpact: I condition everytime i wash my hair..LOL! but the hair stylist said not gd bor, he said if u didn't wash away the condition properly, it will dry up ur hair..hmm, dunno true or not?mayb he just wanted me to frequent his shop niah....LOL I cannot tie my hair one, later on it will have a "shape" where u tie it, i hope u know what i mean.:-p