Thursday, September 21, 2006

Have u ever seen a sleep deprived panda?

Well, here got one. Which is me. LOL. But unfortunately I won't show u guys my face here.LOL!!

Lately froggie keep asking me i didn't sleep at night is it? YES, i've been sleeping late lately.

I forgot what i did on monday & tuesday night. Last night and tonight, I was doing my jigsaw puzzle. *backache* *VISION blurred*

Busy. A lot of work at office. And i haven't started my other job. *SIGH* BRAIN.CAN'T. FUNCTION.PROPERLY. :-(

I want a holiday la.

May be i should sleep earlier!

Talking about sleeping...

That day i saw my dream bed. Yes i have a dream bed. Ppl can have a dream house, dream car, dream mate, etc, so i can have dream bed as well. >:-D

I am quite hesistant to post up the photo. Because ppl always presume that when you go look at beds, means you want to get married liao. -.-"

I just like to look at these kind of stuff. Nothing wrong right?@.@

Canopy Bed

I fancy canopy bed. Its like a bed for princess to me. So pweeettyyy~~ * DREAMING* :-)

but hor, this set that i saw cost more than rm9k (inclusive of bed, dressing table, cabinet ,etc). :-/ so expensive. Mayb the bed alone niah already 4k like that. @.@

Too expensive la.

hmm, mayb i can make my own with bamboos..LOL!!hmm, not a bad idea ler.:-p

ok la..i am tired liao.Sleepy!

Gd nite! Sweet Dreams~

p/s: tomorrow is Friday!YAY!


Red Sponge said...

@@ again...AH DU!!

*piak my mouth*

boohoooohooo...pls dun quote me in ur blog liao.


Simple American said...

Hope you don't have to always dream about your dream bed. Hey you're a girl. Find a nice carpenter and wink wink nudge nudge him into making you a nice bed.

Chen said...

u really become a panda liao :D

Kenny Ng said...

everyone also become panda. very good idea make ur own the bed with bamboo... it looks more classic mah... kekeke.

Pink Cotton said...

rm9k incl all cabinets shud not b TOO TOO TOO xpensiv kua?hee i dono im not getting married pun *cough*



i think those kind of beds r ma fan lar..nice but not practical...imagine how troublesome it will be to clean the curtains??LOL

i better run ...

13th Panda said...

red sponge: WHY?why cannot quote?@@
and stop copying me..grr

simple american: HMM, not a bad idea!!mayb i should!then it will be cheaper..AHHAHA

chen: :-( yalor

kenny ng: ya lo, i also think like that..

pink cotton: 9k not $$?can put dwnpayment for car already. MMM, got washing machine ler, how hard would it be? *chasing after PC*

VampireM said...

aiks... i typed a comment here, and it didn't get published... have to type again :(

that bed is those type like in those movies whereby the actor & actress perform their 'main scene' in their birthday suits, and the 'curtains' of the bed always moving around slowly like a wind is always blowing on it... very artsy... that's how u get influenced hor? :p

zeroimpact said...

I think I just want a mattress on the floor
that would do for me
I can dream no matter where I am
I'm daydreaming again, aren't I

13th Panda said...

vampirem: NO La!!LOL!! wat main scene har?LOL!! actually, i start to like it since watching "Triumph in the sky" (hong kong series). The pilot bought such bed for his wife because she likes fairy tales.


Red Sponge said...

wooi wooi...the bed u mention in that series macam dun hav curtains all cover up le...


13th Panda said...

red sponge: similar type ma...also canopy bed ler. How many types of canopy bed u can see here at kuching wor?

or2ng3s said...

ooo,, ur canopy bed!! finally u found that in kch kar? where is it?? ur 4k include the mattress or not?

papercrazy said...

haiyah....this kind of bed nice to see nia but very me!!!

So expensive hoh?? Go to the Bali furniture shop...they wud have a cheaper ones made of teak wood some more..

13th Panda said...

Oren: NO ah...not inc mattress kok. Saw it at beetex ler.

papercrazy:BALI?where is it?