Friday, September 15, 2006



I can get online. Its about time!streamyx has keep me waiting!



This post will be a longer than the rest because its a combination of the entries that I should post a few days ago. But the network was down!

1st I would like to wish all September babies a very happy birthday!

Oink and Mango (our pug) are spetember babies too.

Happy Birthday Oink!

We went to AHA to celebrate. We were never there before.So we decided to check it out.
I like the friendly staff, and the decor. :-)

And i loveee this:

Their mushroom soup

It is best drink when still hot. MM..If the bun was roasted longer, its should be better. MMM.

We ordered lamb chop and salsa grilled salmon too. But i bet u guys ate alot of these already, so there's no need to post up the photos eh? :-p

I dun really like salmons. Except if they appear as sashimi..LOL!!

We didn't know on exactly which date did mango came into this world. But should be around the same time as Oink's Birth's DAY. So my mango is officially one years old now.:-) Such a big girl already.

We brought her to a nearby pet shop and let her see fishes (1st time alive swimming in glass tanks). Oh ya, my mango knows how to eat fish and vege. :-P she is a gullible pug.

We bought her this at the shop. Guess what is it?LOL

Its a drumstick-like-chew-toy. The red colourings smudges when in contact with fluid. :-(. It made red spots on my floor. And my dad thought mango was having her period. I had to mop the floor lo. :-(

NAWWW. Its the chew toy after a few days.LOL.A drumstick without the stick!LOL.Hmm..looks a bit like bun though.HAHA

OH ya, last few weeks, on a sunday, i went to Koreana for lunch with bellsring. She said the place is not bad. So we went there.

This is what we had.

I can't remember the exact names. But i ordered a spicy bulgogi, bellsring ordered kim chi soup i guess?But i don't fancy kimchi. They are served with wonderful side dishes and rice.:-)

I love korean's long spoon and fork. I think they are pretty.:-p

My bulgogi was really nice.Spicy to my liking. YUMMY!

When we left, the place was pratically packed with other koreans already.I didn't know Kuching has alot of Koreans.LOL

It was a nice lunch. :-) and of course we went shopping after that.MUAHAHHAA.


zeroimpact said...

Makes me hungry liao

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Chen said...

happy birthday Oink :)
happy birthday Mango :)

the broken drumstick really looks like bun leh, hahaha..

Simple American said...

Ooooh! I love Korean food. Yummy.

Pink Winnie said...

hi.. it's it all of the korean food spicy?