Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sushi.Sashimi. Tempura. Californian Maki!

WAHAHAHHA. We went to the Japanese Buffet at Cafe Majestic last night. MMM~

As usual, the place is packed with people. To ensure you will have a seat. It is better than you book a table with them first.

There's a wide selection of japanese food for you to choose from and there's also mouth watering desserts, ice cream and not to forget the chocolate fountain..MMM~~


I saw a lady picking several rambutan-like fruits, so i picked up 2 too. *rub chin* It looks like rambutan, but the "bulu" more "lebat" ler.

aha! mystery solved!

It really is rambutan afterall

Not sweet enough the rambutan :-/

We left the cafe with don't know how much kg heavier, and wallets don't know how much gram lighter. LOL


zeroimpact said...

It' s not rambutan but a cousin of rambutan...
It's called pulasan
They are tasty like rambutan
And next time make sure reserve a seat for me too ah
Yum yum yum

or2ng3s said...

psst panda, who did the arranging of 2nd pic? need some improvement kok. :P

Red Sponge said...


so u like the buffet?

AND..HOI...dun play food! ;p

Simple American said...

The fruit looks interesting. Do the little spikes poke very much?

Sushi attack. Charge!!!

I have to be careful or I foget where I'm at. hehe

Pink Cotton said...

eeeee never see the weird hairy fruit b4..wahahaah

eh?i tot u said u wanto have jap buffet on the sat after we missed the hartz buffet??u went to jap buffet twice in 1 mth ka?? =O

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: OHH~~Today i learnt about a new fruit. ^.^ I can reserve seat for you, but you need to come to kuching first.kekeke

Oren: Its my masterpiece ah!u dunno how to appreciate art der..

red sponge:ya..i like the buffet, but its $$ lo. i got eat the food i played ler 0:-)

simple american:no...the spikes r soft. You like sushi too?

pink cotton: no ah, for the 1st time, we didn't manage to book a table. :-(

Chen said...

that's pulasan :D
I just had it few days ago :)

zeroimpact said...

Yah... now kayuh sampan fast fast so can reach by the weekend

Simple American said...

I love sushi! :D

Anonymous said...

Hmmph, Cafe Majestic food sucks lar. Been there 2 to 3 times for different buffets. Yucks !

13th Panda said...

chen: keke

zeroimpact:kelian u!! u should put on a motor, then ur sampan can be speed boat..LOL!!then can sampai sooner.

simple american: me too!yay!

anonymous: I haven't been to the other buffets in cafe majestic except for the japanese buffet. :-p

zeroimpact said...

Oh yah hor...
Aiyah, but then now have to dayung back to get motor
really kelian leh
*sniff sniff*

13th Panda said...