Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meet My New BABY

Bought a new toy! The was not my first choice actually , wanted something more affordable at first, a nikon d40, but they stop producing it, so i settled on its sibling, a d40x. HEEE..

Come look at my baby!


p/s: all these photos taken with SE's K750i. not bad hor? My compact camera has been sent for fixing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

HAPPY CNY 2008!!

I hope its not too late...still not yet Chap Goh Meh ma...HAHAHAHA

Was busy before this, I have never been so busy for CNY! I told oink, after married, so many things to do for CNY sien..makes me appreciate mum more..Imagine all the fuss she had been through every year!

year 2007's ang pow..YES!I still keep them, still got money inside..those with the 'xi' words are from my engagement..ang pow..i shall miss thou..SOBBB

Anyway..from this year onwards, instead of getting ang pows, I am giving them. Very sad lo..HAHAHA...used to be very happy when get ang pows..and this year I only got one from grandma. Mum asked grandma why give me ang pow? I am married. My grandma's reason is...JENG JENG JENG!...I don't have kids yet..HAHAHA..her excuse makes me laugh hard.. meaning as long as I don't have any kids,Ii can still get ang pow lor?wahahha!!

This reminds me of what Oink and I talk over lunch. he spotted a kid with an 'adult' face. Definition: toddlers that are not baby-ish/ cute enough, he will call them kid with an 'adult' face. I agreed with him, and I told him next time we must have a cute baby. He said next time, our kid should have his height (Oink is a bit over 6 feet), his brain (uweks!!), my mane of hair (oh yes, my hair's alot) and my facial features. Then i said how bout the temperamental, the characteristics?He said hmm, I don't think our future baby should inherited any of our temperamental/characteristic..ROFL!!! We are both quite lazy kind of people. 'x'!!