Saturday, February 11, 2006

My CNY holidays

This should be the busiest CNY i ever had. For the first 3 days, i went for visiting. A lot of visiting. The weather was clear for these days, a bit too hot perhaps. Then i thought of my previous years of CNY celebrations. I always sit in house only at those times, rusting, as I have very protective parents, and I was not allowed to drive also. But now i can drive as long as mum's not using her car, and I have more friends to hang out with now. I am more happy now. Besides, now i have a special someone that my parents approved of as well. :-) Well, this special some one also pandai ambil hati my parents laaa..LOL

We went to watch "Fearless" on the 4th day of CNY, after visiting one of my bf's fren's house. She served us absolute Vodka with sprite (maybe there's a name for this drink?) and it tasted not bad..

"Fearless" was one of those worth to watch movie available on the market now. I learnt a few moral lessons from the movie, that is not to be too "hao seng" (want to win always), as the act will hurt those closes to you. That we should always be modest, and think b4 you leap. And that a friend in need, is trully a friend indeed. In the movie, Huo Yuan Jia (Jet Li) lost his loved ones and everything after he accidentally beat a rival to death, as the opponent's god son revenge on him by killing his mother and only daughter. He was devastated, and ran away from home. He was enlightened about life at a small village and went back home. Every one has left him. But his housekeeper is still there waiting for him..and his childhood friend willing to sell of his business, just to help him extablish a martial arts school to help the country. Well what i wrote is only a summarised version. Go catch the movie, its worth it.

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Red Sponge said...

I love the scenes where the farmers worked in the paddy field. When the wind blew, all the farmers stood up straight and enjoyed it.

Wind soothes the tireness of the farmers.

Nice picture of Human and Nature.