Friday, May 02, 2008

4 inches gone!

I permed my hair in January. Back then my hair was still super long.

When i went on my trip. The weather was nice n cool, my hair was quite pretty there. :-D

but once i came back.....nightmare begun...:-(

So hot la.....I keep bundling up my hair. And the bundle was hugeeee.

So I know its time to cut my hair. The curls are not very nice already anyway. flyaways everywhere, i don't want to look like a lion. 'x'

Even though i was very sad to part with my super long hair.It HAD to be done.

So as I sit my ass at the salon, and got my hair wash. The hairstylist came and ask me what kind of cut i want. I hesitated for a while. And show him 4 fingers, "trim 4 inch lah...will it be too much?" He said "quite alot also" and I got a bit worried. But I just close eyes, bite my lips and let him cut.


my hair..before and after..

JENG JENG JENG!!!!hmm...looks like not much difference hor? Cola's mama thinks so too. But its 4 inches lerrrr..and when i saw the pile of hair on the floor...I think its enough to make a wig lo!



Somehow this photo reminded me of the Korean Horror movie-The Wig.

The quality of the photo was bad because I took it with my handphone. But look at the pile of hair compared to the magazine.

Anyway..I found a new place I love!Its Desserts at Boulevard..they have a wide selection of ice creams..YUMMY! kit kat, banana yoghurt, mango, pudding...etc much as I am a chocolate person...I am also an Ice Cream person. Give me ice cream, and I shall smile wide! As for now, my favourite flavour from Desserts should be Raspberry Apple Puddingshortcake.*thumbs up*


Selba said...

Wah... you got your hair cut! I got mine 2 weeks ago, now is above my shoulder... :)

13th Panda said...

selba : cooler right?Its so hot here la..its unbearable!

Selba said...

Yes! Yes! Absolutely cooler! hehehe....

Btw, sometimes, it's better to have long hair so on a hot day, can directly tied all the hair together and put on the top of head :D Short hair then, can not tied the hair, so all the hair will stick around the neck, which can caused hot hot hot- lor, hahaha...