Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Live to eat?Eat to live?

one morning, I forgot when..HAHA..i made pancakes!! For the very first time!!

from instant mix..


come and see..

pancakes of all shapes and sizes. 'x'

I grouped them to 2 batches. The pretty and the ugly. *GRIN*

And the little droplets of pancakes, er should I say dropcakes..are for my dear Mango. She had her breakfast already. But I think those little drops of dropcakes are quite cute. So why waste? HAHA..

Because of budget, we didn't really spend on the kitchen area. I planned to slowly add things to the kitchen. And recently we got a brand new slow cooker. I expected a smaller slow cooker actually. But Mr Oink came back with a 5 Litre slow cooker. O.O!! At first I nagged him. Then I think think think, may be good also. CNY can cook stuff for the guests to eat (If I am hardworking). HAHAHA.

I began to search online for simple recipes. And found one that caught my eye. Creamed Chicken. And the recipe was quite easy. But still I simplified it.

First, you will need half a chicken, remove the skin & fat. I seasoned it with salt, onions & garlic. I don't have a blender yet, so i have to finely chopped all those. You will need some vegetables. I used potatoes and a carro
t. And you will need a can of cream soup. I picked campbell's cream chicken soup.

Put the pieces of vegetables at the most bottom layer in the slow cooker.

Then put in the chicken. I browned the chicken slightly before putting in. :)

Then pour in the canned soup.

I turned on high temp for the first 2 hours then switch to low for the next 2 hours. Should have turned on high for 1 hours or so later I found out some carrots and potatoes got burnt at the lining. But then the rest turn out oh so soft and juicy. I LIKE! While I wait for the dish to get cooked, I played pc game, did laundry, went to the park and jogged a bit. The dish kept emitting a yummy, inviting smell, that Mango keep going into the kitchen to check out whats cooking. It really really smell nice.

And, hours later..


Wanna do something to make dinner appear nicer. But failed!hahah..was too hungry. Don't care liao. Still Laura can make it beautifully.

The dinner was super nice!I simply love the carrots. The chicken was so tender, I had to take it out from the slow cooker, slowly and carefully. I asked Mr Oink to rate the dish. He gave me 9.5 out of 10. I asked him, had he ever tasted any dish that is 10/10. He pondered for a while and said got. Kolo Mee. -.-. I asked which kopitiam? He said he forgot. -.-'''''' So much for a perfect Kolo Mee for him.


Redsponge said...


I can never do that 'x'!

wen said...

i want to eat!!!

kyh said...

wahhhhh like having a lomantik dinner in a restaurant liddat! so yummy leh..... wooohoooo

sylvia said...

ur food looks interesting.. haha.. maybe u'll be interested in mine? God bless ya!

zeroimpact said...

And can do so much while it was cooking in the slow cooker???
That sure is a slow cooker... and yummy too
No wonder i smell something good for a few hours then gone totally the next

13th Panda said...

redsponge: you can also!I am sure of it.Very easy one.

Wen: can can, next time?haha!

KYH:AHAHA..but no candlelites ler

sylvia:YES! I AM. I will for sure go to ur blog *winks*

zeroimpact:yessss..slow cooker is won-der-ful..i like!

13th Panda said...

slyvia : u didn't leave me ur blog add :((..i can't visit ur blog..