Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love for Mango

My dad wasn't really comfortable with Mango when she first came to our life . He doesn't want her in the house. Saying all dogs should be kept outside. But Mango managed to charm into his heart. My dad sometimes call her " the small kid" or "seikia" or "kau kia" in hokkien. Sometime I will hear him ask my mum, has seikia eaten?

That's not all lo. Once over dinner. My mum said she forgot to buy fruits. I asked her why the sudden thought. She said Mango likes to eat fruits ma. WHAT THE?? not buy fruits for us to eat meh? Sometime I envy Mango, everyone loves her so much.

How can we not love Mango. As I am typing this blog, she is sitting beside me..close to me. Whenever I am sad or feels alone..she is there. It's really comforting. She will never abandon me. Even though sometimes she gets to my nerve and made me really angry. I still love her. Sometimes her goofiness bring smiles to my face.



f3l said...

lovely mango!
how can you jealouos her.. hehe..

13th Panda said...

F3l cannot read ur blog..u didn't add me in...*SADDDD**