Monday, June 30, 2008

One way to save $$$

With the recent petrol price hike, even if some food stall owner don't increase the prices, they found other ways to lessen their operating cost. eg. use lousier quality rice, lousier food material, less quantity, etc

Usually I go out also don't know want to eat what.

Even the fast food stall i usually frequent, cost me more now. I usually take 2 vege type dishes and 1 meat, which cost me RM3-3.50. Now its RM4. Not planning to go back anymore cos I think the rice they use is the lousy type. The tauke even smiled cheekily and said the rice price have increased. But I notice they are still using the same lousy rice ler..CIS

So I have decided to bring home cooked lunch every Monday. Since I got time to cook on Sunday night, its easy to put them in the fridge, and heat them next day in office with microwave for lunch.

And I always enjoy cooking. Try different things. But I only let Oink be my lab rat, to test my experimental cookings..muahaha..

Today is not the first time I brought home cooked lunch.

For less than RM10, I can buy good quality materials for lunch, enough to feed 2 people. Even for RM10, I can buy beef and such for lunch. Where else can you eat lunch for 2 person and have beef?And within RM10 somemore.

I sometimes find Oink very "hang fuk" to have a wife like me 'x' (oops, puji sendiri..muahaha)

I try to cook 3 dishes every time, comprising of 2 vegetable dishes and one meat. Balanced diet ma..and to have more variety..

Lets see what we are having today...

Come closer..

This is what's in my bento. Chicken, brinjal stir fried with very nice belacan, and oyster mushroom with carrot.

Not only its more economical to bring home cooked food, but can have better food at a much better value also..

YUM YUM! I've just heat my food and want to eat now...HUNGRYYYY!!


update: My chicken tasted fabulous. This is the first time i cooked my chicken this way, I marinated them first then cook them in "grilling" style, although I don't own any grilling stove. I hope you know what I mean. My other dishes are not less yummy. Oh so satisfied now! *rubs tummy* I feel great! Now to think back, I think my cooking are less oily. No rice gets wasted as well, if i eat outside, I always can't finish my rice :-p. With home cooked meals, i can bring the exact amount of rice that I want. No food goes wasted.


zeroimpact said...

They are just taking advantage!!!
Looks very yummy also
So if next time got pot luck I know what to invite

miracle8 said...

Agree with you-working in Kuching for 4 years and eating outside food really made me sick...
In the UK everybody brings or make their own lunch at the office (like prepare a quick salad) cos its really expensive to eat out and usually the food doesn't taste as good as your own home cooked food. Can be a bit of a hassle when I'm working late, but I don't really mind. The delicious taste that goes in my mouth is worth it, hehe.

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: AHAHAHAH!

miracle8: salad is healthy!Sometimes I bring salad for lunch also.

Selba said...

Looks yummy :)

I also bring food from home these days, mom actually is the one who cooks every morning for me :)
But then usually on Fridays, I like to buy food (a break for my mom and also me)

13th Panda said...

selba: thanks! :-) I bet ur mama is a great cook!